Sunday, November 5, 2017

Parading Around - Week of Oct. 30th

“That fire you see can't last. Still, as it burns, it lights everything.” ~ David Kirby

As we rounded the corner to October 31st, there were still a few events left on the docket.

Monday, after school marked the candy collecting costume parade at FTC&H where Chris works.
Each year, the employee's families are invited in to an indoor trick or treating as each child has a bucketful of choices at nearly every desk.
This yearly event is something Cam has been a part of since he was a toddler.
It's also a perk to be inside if the weather takes a turn.
Although it was chilly, the rain stayed away and for this, we were grateful.

On Tuesday, the actual official day of Halloween, Cam had big plans.  First up, an afternoon costume parade at his elementary school, Meadow Brook.  Since our ten-year-old is now in 4th grade, this is his final year for parading around the school gym with his classmates.
Liam & mom Betsy.  Running joke b/t the
"moms"- our boys will never look at the
camera at the same time!
Parents, relatives and friends can arrive early to be seated in the gymnasium so they can see every costumed kid go by.  Cam has been a part of this tradition since kindergarten. 

On his final turn around the last corner, Jane may have held back a tear or two remembering all of the costume parades over the years and the community of students, parents and teachers enjoying the creativity of everyone.

Second up on the Halloween agenda was a trek to the local Cascade fire station.  Beginning at 5:30p, they open their doors to welcome families.  Kids receive a bag stuffed full of candy, a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.  Donuts, cider and treats are displayed for all to enjoy.

And last but not least, neighborhood fun!  We opted to visit with our Windcrest neighbors this year stopping at most every house on the block.  The Raisch fam had a toasty warm bonfire out front and a bowlful of Cam's fave chocolates.  He requested a taste to keep up his energy for the evening.
The homemade octopus was one of our favorite costumes since spreading the boy's arms provided the last 2 tentacles.  Next to Cam are the "Daniel Boone" boys, Thad and Peter.

Thursday, Chris and Jane were invited to be guests at the Mary Free Bed Gala honoring the fourth largest rehabilitation hospital in the world!
It was a special treat given to us by Molly Krauss. 

Cam was happy that Miss Amanda could hang out with him while his parents had fun dressing up and sitting with Molly and friends. 

The dinner was most delicious and we sent Cam a picture of the tables to which his response was "Wow, that's cool!"
They even showed our Halloween For The Rest of Us video, a project the Weatherford fam and Molly couldn't be more proud of!

On Saturday, Cam's parents enjoyed a long overdue date night to the movies.
Cam, in the meantime, was pleased to decide his own dinner of choice and partake in an evening of playing police.
It's tough to say who had the better night!

Camology Quotes:

One evening, Cam said his coat looked weird and something was wrong with it.  We explained to him that his mom's coat was on top of his. He thought the whole thing was quite hilarious.

"Dad, say 'Cam, you are funny!'"
Cam, you are funny.
 "I'm glad you think so!"

(Near the end of the video from the visit to his Dad's office, Cam says "there's no candy here."  There was, he just couldn't see it and panic almost set in :)

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