Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rinse, Walk, Repeat - Week of Nov. 6th

“Swimming is simply moving meditation.” ~Cesar Nikko Caharian 

Most folks know Michigan switches from fall to winter quite rapidly.  However, we were still surprised to the see the white stuff falling on a school day so early in November.  It didn't stick on the ground for long, but it made Cam utter these words, according to his teacher, after arriving at school that day..."Ms. Kathy, please tell my mom to bring in my snowpants!"
Luckily, we didn't need to resort to such drastic measures.

Cam's weekly November routine includes a swimming lesson after school on Mondays.  Since it's downtown, one of his parents has to pick him up at Meadow Brook, get his swim trunks on, have a quick snack and head out.  He's had the same instructor for 3 years now and Cam always asks Ms. Laura how her day was.
She typically has him walk in the pool and on this particular day, Cam started counting 'one Mississippi, two Mississippi' etc. to traverse the width of the pool.  As Ms. Laura fitted Cam into a vest, Jane was in the splash zone as her son kept kicking in attempts to get her wet.  The therapy pool at MFB is toasty warm and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.

On Wednesdays, Amanda and Cam head over to his physical therapy appointment at 5pm.  Patrick is the PT working with Cam on a weekly basis.  Since Cam's hip surgery, it's been important to continue to practice walking and stretching.  Apparently, Mr. Patrick seems to have a gift for making Cam laugh as well!

Oma and Opa arrived Friday afternoon to spend the night with us.  Oma wanted to get a head start on Christmas shopping with Jane.  A quick trip to Heidi's on Friday produced an array of vegetables, fruit and bread as well as homemade caramel apples.  One of the cashiers there, Ms. Pat, has known Cam since he was a toddler and loves to give her buddy a treat.  This time, it was a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and not a small one either.

Saturday morning, Oma and her daughter headed out for some shopping fun.  In the meantime, the boys group of Chris, Opa and Cam trekked over to Forest Hills Northern High School to pick up a pre-ordered apple pie that Cam contributed to for a fundraiser.  When they asked how many total pies were made, the boys were surprised to hear that 1300 was the number.
It was such fun to have Oma and Opa with us!  Cam and his grandma made homemade applesauce and we were thankful to gain three containers of the sweet goodness.  Cam also taught Opa how to play Uno for the first time and proceeded to beat him after teaching his grandpa the card game.

Another weekend project included Chris and his son programming a security camera for our home.  They may have actually used it to try to sneak a peek at Christmas presents being transported from the car to the basement.  Jane reminded her boys this is not the intended use of our security camera!

Camology Quotes:

As Jane and Oma were headed out for their Christmas shopping on Saturday morning, Cam was curious.

"Are you going to get presents for me?"
Yes, you, Dad and Opa.
"You are my most favorite Mom!"
Thank you, Cam.  But you are still not getting any presents early...

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