Sunday, May 1, 2016

Play Ball! - Week of Apr. 25th

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. 
~Babe Ruth

Routine is common in our household.  Not that each day feels routine, but more or less has a rhythm to it.  
Playing baseball in April has become part of our routine as well.  As opening day for the Spring 2016 WMML (West Michigan Miracle League) season approached, Cam was anticipating game day.  The volunteers from Hope College were eager to work with the kids Saturday morning.  Cam is on the Yankees team this year and Jane was excited that the baseball pants she acquired for her son actually match his game shirt this time.  Although the day was a bit chilly, the warm smiles were everywhere!

Auntie Karen drove in from the Chicago area to see Cam's first spring game!  He was pretty excited she was there to cheer him on only with his parents.  The coach for the Yankees brings treats every week and much to Cam's surprise, he was given a snack pack of Oreo's, which he promptly tasted, as noted by the chocolate cookie smile.

Karen had a special treat of her own planned for Cam.  The duo went on a "tour" of the area with Cam navigating alongside Auntie Karen's GPS.  Somehow, they arrived at the nearest McDonald's where the savvy co-pilot negotiated a happy meal.   We actually cooked up a very healthy dinner, though, compliments of our sweet guest.  Many thanks Auntie Karen, for everything!

In honor of the one-year anniversary of our family meeting Ms. Michelle, she and Cam had a mini photo shoot one day.  We do adore her and she is like a ray of sunshine every time she walks in the door!

Cam-ology Quotes:
Cam's former nanny and our extended family member, Katherine (aka Ah-Dah) and her husband, Paul are expecting their first child in the fall.  They recently found out they will be having a boy!  
Cam told Chris the following...
"They should name him "Curious George."
Chris responded: "What if they named him Cam?"
"Cameron is not a good name.  That's already my name."

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