Thursday, May 26, 2016

Camiversary! and 'Go with the Flow' - Week of May 16th

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."  ~ William Shakespeare

Memorable dates sneak up on us sometimes and suddenly we realize it's an annual occurrence.  This one was a total surprise as Michelle took Cam on a mission to celebrate their "Camiversary!"  a.k.a. the one year anniversary of the two of them meeting for the first time.  The duo arrived home with 5 different helium balloons (#1, flower, flag, sports, special) as well as 4 celebration glasses filled with Cam's favorite chocolate candies.  What a treat!  Each of the balloons represented one of us and an extra to encompass all.  The agenda for Camiversary was
1 yr ago!
1) Eat chocolate  2) Hide-n-Seek  3) Share stories/Pictures/Do you remember when?
It definitely seems like we've known Michelle much longer than a year and so thankful she is a part of our lives!
While Chris headed out on a fishing weekend, Auntie Karen graciously drove to GR to spend a couple of nights with Jane and Cam.  When Cam woke up on Saturday morning, he was so excited to see her and she gave him a new pair of snazzy sunglasses. Auntie Karen helped Cam create a "napkin man" which led to lots of giggles and funny talking.
Ms. Barbara & daughter Carly & Cam
Mr. Tom (helper) & Cam
Karen,Mom & Cam
The Napkin Man

The WMML game was scheduled for 10am and it was shaping up to be a perfect day for baseball.  As Cam, Jane and Auntie Karen settled into the van to leave (early), it wouldn't start.  The portable charger was attached and we discovered the full jumper cables were in Chris' truck a couple hundred miles north.  After 15 minutes of unsuccessful charging, we asked Cam if he would be willing to leave his powerchair at home, get in Jane's car instead of the van and have someone push him around the bases in his former manual chair.  He totally agreed and wanted to go and get to baseball!  He also informed Jane & Auntie Karen that "I need a snack in the car to tide me over."

Good thing he is a 'go with the flow' kind of guy because he had a fan club waiting at the game to see him play ball!

The sunshine continued throughout the day and Emma stopped over for some outdoor play and stayed for dinner.  Auntie Karen and Jane thought it would be fun to play restaurant for the evening.  The kids had a menu to choose from at "Cam's Cafe."  Cam chose ravioli and Emma picked hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.  Jane & Karen wisely decided upon grilled steak and chicken with veggies.  We were very thankful for Aunt Karen's company over the weekend and her positive attitude to help make an inflexible situation full of choices and options.
A shout out to Cam's WMML fan club present at the Saturday game!  We know it's a trek and time and energy.  Seeing Cam's face light up knowing he has a cheering section is priceless!!

We sure did miss Chris over the weekend, but the fish didn't seem to be missing his hook at all- lots of beauties such as the one shown here.  Cam and Jane requested he bring fish home and upon arrival, sure enough, he had a piece of fresh salmon from Meijer :)

Never doubt that even the smallest of comments or quietest of compliments don't make someone's day.  We think it's a proven Cam formula...

Cam-ology Quotes:
Cam came home early from school on Monday due to sickness and stayed home on Tuesday.  He asked Jane to send a message to his school.  Jane found the two school administrator assistants online and sent the following email to both. 
"Cam wanted me to send a message to school to say  “thank you for being so nice to me!”
 He went home sick yesterday and is home from school today, but is feeling better.
 Have a good day,"
Emails received back upon receipt:
"Hi Jane,
That is so sweet! That just made my day! Good to hear he is feeling better." ~Monica
"Thank you for brightening my day!" ~Jane

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