Sunday, May 8, 2016

Crafty Mother's Day - Week of May 2nd

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Cam attended the Arts festival at Lincoln School on Friday.  It was a perfectly, sunny day.  Chris was able to take half a day off of work to spend with his happy son.  They enjoyed live music, face painting, made rain sticks, and explored other activity areas.  It was no surprise that Cam opted for a baseball to adorn his forehead.  Community events in our area never cease to amaze us.

And our own community of people provide amazement too.  Cam is surrounded by creative, crafty people.  At school, for Mother's Day, the kids made a sweet bouquet that will last forever and a pottery dish to hold Jane's jewelry.
At home, Ms. Michelle helped Cam create a homemade flower arrangement decorated with "xo" and made with construction paper and straws.  She also asked him what he wanted to write in the card and helped him - "I like it when you hug me when I come home.  I like it how you make food for me like broccoli.  I like it when you come to my school.  I love you Mom!"

Mother's Day was extra special because Oma was in for the day and brought Jane a hanging flower basket and gave her a portable beach lounge chair and cup holder (bring on summer!).   Jane's boys totally surprised her with a new set of pots and pans!  An overwhelming thanks to you all!!

We can't recall exactly when Cam learned his parents' first names but once in awhile he will use them to get our attention or be funny.
When he called his Mom "Jane" over the weekend, she explained the following... "I am a mom only because I have you.  It is a special name given to me for you to use.  I love my name, "mom" because I wouldn't have it if I didn't have a son named Cam."

"We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves." ~Henry Ward Beecher

Cam-ology Quotes:
A weekend lunch included the famous Culver's where Cam's standard order is a corn dog and french fries.  
"Are those your french fries, Dad?  I am eyeing them!"

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