Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sweet Cameron - Week of Feb. 1st

Cam began his working stint at Grand Valley State University again this week with the graduate PT students.  It's always difficult to determine who enjoys this time more- the PT people or Cam, the teacher.  Either way, we are thankful for Dr. Lisa and her efforts with the hands-on approach for students.

Miss Amanda has been hanging out with Cam for a couple of days every week.  Their routine includes checking the indoor "farm" they've planted, robotics lab, delicious baking, and this week making Valentine's.  Here Cam and Amanda are showing off the finished product.

On Saturday evening, Ms. Ann arrived to spend some time with her buddy Cam while Chris and Jane enjoyed a date night.
Most of the eve included building a city with houses and roads out of the magnet blocks.  Cam indicated who lived in each house and which roads they were on.

Chris had to drive to Ohio for work on Sunday, so Jane and her son headed to Muskegon to meet Oma and Opa for lunch.  Olive Garden was the chosen meeting place and undeniably, one of Cam's favorites with the tasty breadsticks.  The meal turned into quite an event with the touchscreen ordering app shown on the table.  Not only could we order off of it, but we could also swipe a card to pay the bill and a receipt printed from the bottom.  Cam said "that is so cool!"  Many thanks to Cam's grandparents for treating us.

Sunday evening, we had a mini Superbowl party with our Raisch fam and didn't eat too many healthy things, but had tons of fun watching the commercials and seeing the halftime show together.  Cam wore his Panthers shirt from Auntie Leslie and fam, but Denver took the prize that night.  Regardless of the outcome, spending time with good friends is always a win!

Cam-ology Quotes:

Cam stayed home from school one day due to lack of sleep and a sinus infection.
Mom turned on the Today show which was featuring a segment about a former supermodel.  
They were showing some pictures of her in a few somewhat revealing dresses, to which Cam indicated...
"I am not old enough to see this, Mom."

Jane and Cam were driving down the road headed to run some errands.
"Our first stop will be the bank, Cam."
"You can use my money at the bank, Mom."

Driving past Starbucks...
"Mom, did you want your coffee?"
(someone knows his mom all too well!)

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