Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Weatherford Theater - Week of Feb. 15th

Cam started his week by spending the scheduled school day off with Kelsey!  They visited with buddy Liam's family, grabbed lunch at Culver's and headed to the "Y" for some swimming time.  What an awesome busy day!

On Friday afternoon, Oma arrived ready for adventure.  Meadow Brook Elementary scheduled a movie night at the school featuring a showing of "Minions."  The kids voted for which movie to see and Cam had voted for "Inside Out."  So, the collective decision was made to watch "Inside Out" at home after Chris set up the "Weatherford Theater!"

Cam's dad set up a projector used for presenting, connected it to a computer, and displayed it on the living room wall next to the tv.
Of course, no film viewing is complete without some tasty popcorn with extra butter (Cam's personal request).  Stella the cat decided she'd join in the fun as well, although her goal was to try to taste a bit of popcorn.

Oma spent the night with us and Cam assisted with some mending/sewing the next day.  It was fairly warm and outdoor activities included a mini obstacle course for Cam as well as being a great helper to his dad.  Oma traveled home that afternoon and we were all thankful for some extra grandparent time.

Campers assist with raising & lowering
the flag daily
On Sunday, Chris, Jane and Cam attended a presentation at Grand Valley.  A representative from Bay Cliff Health Camp (Bay Cliff Website) spoke and was sponsored by Dr. Lisa.  Bay Cliff’s priority program is a seven-week, summer therapy camp session serving children with orthopedic, speech, hearing, and vision disabilities. The children work towards goals of increased independence and living a fuller life.  It's an amazing opportunity for Cam and we haven't made a final decision yet, but will keep you all posted!

As parents, we are proud of Cam on a daily basis.  In an email from one of Cam's teachers this week, that pride grew even more... "Just wanted to give you a frame of reference for things Cam may talk about today. We are reading the story of Ruby Bridges. We listened to a book and then read our ULS version. Cam had some great insights and thought is was just crazy that students with different color skin could not go to the same school."

We couldn't agree more, Cam :)

Cam-ology Quotes:

Cam's YMCA badge accidentally went home with Kelsey.  In the meantime, Cam wanted to go to the Y, but was very concerned about not having his ID card.  We explained that they could look him up in the computer and would let him.  When he arrived, he saw one of his favorite Y staff members, Ms. Tara.  She arranged for a new ID card to be printed for Cam!  His exuberant response...
"This is awesome!  I love this place!"

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