Friday, February 28, 2014

Cam: A Working Man - Week of Feb. 17th

As winter continues to hang around, the "lawn tractor-turned-snowplow" for the colder months has gotten quite a workout.

Once again, Cameron has returned to his university job, working with graduate students at Grand Valley.  This semester he is working with two young ladies he had met before- Kayla and Abby.

Abby, Cam and Kayla
Every Wednesday evening, they "learn" from Cam while conducting a physical therapy session with him. The girls have termed him "the heart-breaker" as he continues to flash his winning smile and subtle flirtations while they work together.
Cameron enjoys his time and is paid to "work" with the students.  Let's hope any future jobs are as enjoyable as this one!
Kayla even created Cam's first driver's license for his powerchair, which is now proudly displayed on the back.  She's quite creative and her buddy, Cam, was very pleased with his new card.
Jane was out of town for two days this week working in Baltimore for her company.  Luckily for her, this is where cousins Meg, Chris and Gavin Taylor live.  Jane had a fun visit with the cousins and even had a FaceTime session with Cam so he could say "hi" to his cousins as well.
Jane & cousin Gavin
Gav & his beautiful mom, Megan
Technology is a wonderful thing when Chris or Jane has to travel for work and we're thankful for the ability to stay in touch.
Many thanks to the Taylor fam for having Jane in their beautiful home and making her feel so welcome!

Even being gone for two days feels like much longer and having some quality Mom and Cam time was on the schedule for the weekend.
Sometimes, quality time includes some relaxation and a super snuggle.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ~Confucius
It's easy to travel with all your heart when you have such great love waiting for you at home.

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