Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glistening White Snow - Week of Jan. 27th

It's about this time of year when, in Michigan, we wonder..."will we see our back deck again soon?
Although we are counting the days until spring, when the sun does shine in winter, the pristine white snow glistens.

Oma continued to stay with us through mid-week due to the weather conditions and Cam couldn't have been happier!  Opa rode into Grand Rapids with one of our cousins, allowing he and Oma to head back home together the following day.  Cameron decided we needed to take Opa out for an early birthday dinner to Bagger Dave's. (  The restaurant is one of Cam's favorites because there is a train that chugs along the ceiling line all through the place..and he really likes the french fries!

Due to our winter wonderland, Cam had a couple more snow days and buddy, Emma, came over to make some blanket forts.  Some activities are just so much more fun in a fort!

Our heartfelt thanks to Oma for all of the extra Cam time and to Opa for allowing Cam to pick his birthday dinner dining establishment.

The day Cameron finally ventured back to school, we caught a glimpse of this spectacular sunrise from our front door.  Definitely worth the early rise to see the picture-perfect morning...

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