Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Lovely Mid-Winter Break - Week of Feb. 10th

Flowers for Jane from her boys
Since the 19th century, people have been giving and sending Valentine's.  This was the first year Cameron had to prepare valentine cards for his entire classroom.  Jane made them on the computer and with assistance, Cam wrote each classmate's name as well as his own.  He couldn't wait to give out all of the cards to his friends.

At school, a holiday party was planned for Thursday.   Cam's mom brought a treat and stayed to help out.  The selection of goodies was delicious!  Since watermelon is a favorite, we thought it would be fun to use a cookie cutter and make watermelon hearts- they were a hit!

Cam sat next to some of his friends for craft time as they created a fruit loops heart for birds to eat, a decorative cut out of their hand, and a heart hanging decoration.
The kids used cereal boxes to collect all of their cards.  Cam reviewed all of his valentines quite a few times at home after school.

The weekend is normally reserved for a special Saturday breakfast and on this day, Chris decided to use the letter cookie cutters (found by "Auntie" Jo- thanks!) to create "CAM" pancakes.  Of course, they tasted more delicious since they were in the shape of his name.

With winter still hanging on, one of our neighbor friends, Thad, ventured over for some sledding and tubing.  The tube is a fast ride with its slick surface and also provides a welcome resting place after all of the fun!

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