Sunday, March 2, 2014

While Mom's Away, the Boys will Play - Week of Feb. 24th

Cameron and Chris dropped Jane off at the airport for her work travel to Florida.  Jane explained to her boys they had no need to be too jealous since extended work hours meant feeling the warm air in the early morning and late evenings only.

In the Weatherford household, Cam battled a cold and Oma stayed for a visit to help out with things while Jane was away.  With the current Michigan temps, it seems many people are still battling the cold/flu season.

Even when Cam isn't feeling the greatest, he still strives to be the best helper ever!  Chris wanted to run additional cabling into his home office and his son couldn't wait to be of assistance.  The boys also think (for some odd reason) these projects are best completed when mom is away...

Jane returned Wednesday evening and Thursday was a snow day for Cam- no school!  The only benefit to Cameron's mom taking a trip is that sometimes she brings home a few goodies for the family.  Cam has been dancing with a wind-up robot toy we've named "red man."  The backpac
ks below were at the conference Jane attended...Cam thinks he needs two.

Although it was a long week, due to travel and sickness, our thanks go out to many...

To Karen, Jane's close friend and co-worker, who kept her company while away, to Oma & Opa who give so much of themselves to hang out with their grandson, to Katie and Ronda providing extra assistance when needed, to Chris for still holding everything together through a couple of sleepless nights, and most of all, to Cam for being such an awesome kid and wearing a smile when most others wouldn't!

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