Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back to Work Mom - Week of Oct 8th

Another week has come and gone. Another week for Cameron to keep growing bigger and stronger. It was a pretty quiet week for the little man.

The week started off with Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen coming to spend Monday with him. She is such a big help when she is here. She was able to feed Cameron a couple times.

Wednesday started off with some excellent news from Cam's doc. They got the results back from his heart monitor and he had no major alarms. The doctor said he didn't need to be on the monitor any more so we were able to take this off him and free him of this tether.

On Thursday, Cameron's nurse from Spectrum stopped by to check on his progress. She said everything looked great and he weighed in over 6.5 pounds! Excellent!!! At this rate he will not just catch but accelerate well past the growth charts.

Unfortunately, Jane had to return to work on Friday. She wasn't too excited about this but Cam's new friend Maureen showed up to help Jane watch over him while she was busy. Fortunately for Jane she is able to work at home so it's not too bad. In the afternoon, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Joe and Annie stopped by on their way out of town. They were going out to Baltimore where Megan and Joey were running a full marathon (26 miles). Dirk and Lisa also ran a half marathon where Dirk finished one of the top runners. Congrats to them all!

The weekend was uneventful. Chris and Cameron just sat and watched football all weekend. Cam has taken to hanging out during the day downstairs with his parents. He is now drinking about 2.5 ounces of milk every feeding.

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