Sunday, October 7, 2007

Over Six Pounds - Week of Oct 1st

Chris and Jane are finally settling down into a routine....somewhat. Chris took the week off work so he could stay home and help Jane with Cameron. Even with the extra help the little guy was still a handful.

The week started off normal enough. Jane tried a little 'tummy-time' with Cameron on Monday. His parents put him on his tummy surfboard mat (thanks Grandma) so he can learn to lift his head and strengthen his muscles.

Tuesday was a little more exciting. A visiting nurse from Spectrum stopped in to check on Cameron. She weighed him and he was up to 5 lbs 13 oz. She said he was right on schedule and everything looked great (besides a little rash on his bottom.....sorry Cam).

On Wednesday, Cam's parents took him to see the doctor for his "two week checkup". They weighed Cameron in here and according to their scale (which is definitely the gold standard) he was over SIX POUNDS!!!! His parents were never so proud of their little boy. The doc looked him over and said everything else looked good.

Thursday was a quiet day, Cam and his family just hung out at home (and caught up on some Heroes).

Friday was the busiest day of the week. The day started off early when a technician stopped by to download the information off Cameron's heart monitor. We should get the results from this next week but don't really think there are any issues here. After this Chris ran off to Spectrum hospital to straighten out the billing for Cameron's stay. While Chris was away, Jane had a special visit from her close cousin Kate and her daughter Ellie as well as Kate's mom, Aunt Betsy. Kate visited with Jane and Cam while Aunt Betsy and Ellie drove off to gather some groceries for Chris and Jane (thank you again). This was a very special visit because Kate lives in Vermont. Kate, her husband Seth and daughter will be leaving for a trip to Vietnam next week. They will not return until Christmas. Kate was so happy to be able to meet Cameron before she left.

Later Friday evening, Joanne drove over after work to see Cameron for the first time since he came home. Aunt Joanne visited Cam so many times in the hospital (we appreciate all your support). Chris, Jane and Jo had dinner together and hung out with Cam.

Saturday brought more visitors. Grandma Mary Ellen and Grandpa Bill came over for dinner. Grandma fed Cam his dinner before the rest of the family sat down to dinner themselves. Jane brought Cameron down to the dinner table so he could hang out with everyone too.

Sunday was a tough day because Cameron had to watch the Lions lose. However, he had more visitors today since the neighbor girls could not wait to see him. Cam stared at his four future playmates and their mom Patti. After they left, Chris and Jane gave Cameron a little bath. He was not too excited about this at first but quickly settled down and enjoyed the warm water.

Chris goes back to work again tomorrow so it is time for us to run off to bed. Good night everyone.

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