Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dr Appt Again? - Week of Oct. 15th

Cameron had to get used to the idea of his mom working again. Although she 'actually' started back last Friday this was her first full week back to work. Luckily for Cameron, his new friend Maureen is taking care of him while Jane is working. Luckily for Jane, she is able to work from home so Cam is only a few steps away if she needs to see him.

Wednesday was a big day for Cameron. He went to see the doctor again. This doctor's appointment was his two month checkup. She said that everything is progressing well and he is looking very strong. He weighed in at a whole 7 pounds 7 ounces! Everyone was surprised at this, especially his parents. Cam also had to have three immunization shots. He wasn't very happy about these but did get two very cool hotwheels band-aids. He will not see the doctor again until mid-December. His grandma Mary Ellen was here today and was such a big help.

Cameron is holding his head up more and is starting to squirm around a lot more. He has had more tummy time this week and Maureen said he almost rolled over.

The weather was so nice this weekend Chris and Jane decided to take Cam for a little walk. Cameron really seemed to enjoy this and quickly fell asleep in his stroller. In fact, after they returned he continued to snooze in his comfy stroller for over an hour.

Sunday evening, Chris and Joanne came over for dinner and to see Cam. After a wonderful dinner Chris and Jane asked them if they would be Cameron's godparents. Chris and Joanne said they would be honored. Thanks Jo and Chris for being unbelievably supportive every step of the way, starting with the night Jane went into labor!

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