Sunday, October 28, 2007

10 Weeks Old - Week of Oct. 22nd

This was the week of Cam's original due date. Jane's doctor said that he would have been due on Oct. 25th. So, Jane & Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen went to have him weighed on Thursday. On that day, Cameron weighed in at..... 8 lbs, .04 oz!!! Chris and Jane were so very excited!

Cameron's first 10 weeks have gone by quickly. Chris and Jane are learning all kinds of things as new parents. For example, it's extremely important to "protect" yourself when changing a boy's diaper or 'Old Faithful' will spray away.

Many of you know that since Cam was born, Jane has been pumping breastmilk for him. Cameron's doctor told Jane that she can nurse Cam a couple of times a day and for the rest of his feedings, a fortifier is added to his mom's milk containing extra vitamins. Much to Chris and Jane's surprise, they quickly ran out of freezer space. So then, Cam's parents went out and bought a deep freezer thinking they would 'never' fill it up. Well, as you can see, the freezer is quite full. The good news- Cameron is drinking about 3 oz every 3 hours, so he's been keeping up with the fresh supply and the freezer supply has already been tapped a few times.

Another notable event this week is that Cameron received his first personal greeting card in the mail. His new godparents, Chris & Jo sent Cam his first Halloween card! Thanks so much to them both. Soon enough, Cameron will be trick-or-treating and his parents will be picking out their favorite candy bars from his bag.

Happy Halloween to you all!! Love, Chris, Jane & Cameron

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