Sunday, April 28, 2024

Spring Showers - Week of Apr. 22nd

 "Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine." ~Anthony J. D'Angelo 

The saying April showers bring May flowers is a very old quote. Historians believe this phrase may date back to a 1610 poem, which contained the lines "Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers." A longer phrase, "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers," has also been traced back to 1886.

This week, we experienced rain here and there as the changing weather continued to produce blooming trees and early flowers springing up.

All of our activities took place on Saturday. 
Apr. 27th was opening day for the West Michigan Miracle League baseball.  

The WMML provides an opportunity for kids of all abilities to experience the sport. Families cheer on the sidelines and the special rubberized field makes it conducive for wheelchairs, powerchairs, prosthetics and walkers.  There are are 3 youth games and 2 adult games every Saturday.

In the WMML League, the spring season teams are assigned using major league baseball names.  Cam and his best bud, Brody, are the Milwaukee Brewers.  For opening day, the first match up at 10am was the Brewers vs. the Orioles. Community volunteers take to the field every week for the 5 hour commitment.  Mitten Kids Dentistry, where Cameron has gone for almost a decade, was on deck to volunteer.  Cam was so surprised to see one of his hygienists!  It was a great first game and Cam even found a easier way to make our way to the crowded parking lot.

We were invited to celebrate Liam's 16th birthday Saturday evening.  Cam and Liam have known each other since preschool and our families have been connected since the boys were little.  Chris, Jane and their son arrived close to 5pm.  We had a tour of their remodeled home, which was a long project for them all.  Everything is completely accessible now.  Liam requested pizza for his bday dinner which everyone was happy about.  After consuming pizza and fruit, the Costco chocolate cake was presented with candles.  Liam promptly blew them all out and we all chose our ice cream flavor to accompany the delicious dessert. 

Outside, there was a warm breeze.  Everyone engaged in a few competitive games of cornhole.  We said our goodbyes, but Cam and Liam typically see each other daily at the high school.  What a fun day!

In case you find yourself needing something to do on a Saturday, head out to the West Michigan Miracle League field! Cam's Saturday games.

  • May 4th: 12:10 p.m. 
  • May 11th:  11:05 a.m. (Picture day!)
  • May 18th: 11:05 a.m. 
  • June 1st: 11:05 a.m.
Camology Quotes:

Under the heading of "be careful what you wish for" category: Jane came up with a spring school project for Cam to work on with Ms. Ann during his tutoring sessions.  Cam creates a weekly dinner menu every Friday, complete with a budget, dishes and individual costs.  Some days, Cam's mom is in a bit of a rush to prepare dinner.  And, potentially, she may conveniently forget about the project at hand. However, someone else, does not.

"Mom, this is not what was in the meal plan for dinner tonight."

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BJ said...

We will be cheering on the Milwaukee Brewers today -Go Cam and Brody! Love Cams dinner planning project, any way we could sign on? Love, Aunt Bets and Uncle Jon