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Fair - Week of Apr. 15th

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike." ~John Wooden 

The definition of "fair" as an adjective: marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism.
Recently, Cam began using the word as a targeted response.  Chris and Jane had commented to Cam that he seemed to be disagreeing with them quite a bit, not in a mean way, but more of a teenager sassy way.  Without any further prompting, Cameron's parents noticed this week that his tune had changed a bit.  As one example, when asked about a specific task that Cam requested completion of right away, his mom responded that the particular request would need to wait until after dinner.  His simple response was: "Fair."  In reality, it's short, to the point and very logical.
Tuesday evening, we made our way to the Grand Valley University Eberhard Center.  We were there to hear some presentations from senior college students. Their assignment was to develop a communication plan for the non-profit, Lori's Voice.  The professor had connected with Chris at the beginning of the semester since Cam's dad is on the board of directors.  It was interesting to hear the different ideas.  Jane and her son didn't stay for the entire class since it was a school night, but Chris was given all of the presentation material at the close of the class.
Thursday after dinner, we helped Chris pack up his truck as he headed out on a guys fishing trip to Roseville, MI.  The plan was for the group to fish for walleye on the Detroit River for the weekend.  
Meanwhile, back in GR, Jane and her son drove north to pick up Oma and Opa early in the afternoon on Saturday.  After safely transporting Cam's grandparents to Grand Rapids, it was a relaxing day.  Oma and her grandson started reading a book that we were given on our recent trip out east.  Jane and Cameron had a fun FaceTime with Chris.
After dinner, we watched a fun action/comedy movie called Argylle.  It's always challenging to find a show that everyone of all ages will enjoy.  We successfully accomplished that task.
Sunday's weather was breezy and a bit cool, but the sunshine was plentiful.  Later in the day, we made our way to Burton Park.  It is 80 acres and provides a very large pathway for walking and powerchair driving.  Cam noticed right away that the gate that was normally open was now locked and closed.  He requested a call to the township, but we assured him that we could still access around the side.  We had a leisurely time making our way through the park, listening to the birds chirping and seeing all of the trees budding.
After arriving home and warming up, Chris pulled into the driveway with a very large amount of his freshly caught catch.  Jane cooked up some baked walleye and panko covered fillets.  The fish was some of the best we've tasted and it was an extra treat to share the meal with Oma and Opa.
Luckily, Cam truly liked both of the cooked options.
Our dinner conversation centered around hearing about tall fishing tales and Cam's upcoming spring baseball season.  After all of the activity and fresh air, it was an early bedtime for everyone.

 Camology Quotes:

Cameron is a very rule-abiding citizen.  While we were on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Cam was very surprised that we didn't have to physically pay some of the tolls.  There were signs showing that the bill would be mailed to you because a picture of your license plate was taken. Every few days or so since our return from PA, Cam has posed the following question.

"Mom, did the bill for our tolls come yet?"
"No, it hasn't arrived in the mailbox."
"Well, can we call then to check and make sure they are sending one?"
"Instead...let's just wait for them to send it😉"

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