Sunday, April 14, 2024

Clip Day! - Week of Apr. 8th

"Life is like an eclipse. You cannot live in someone's shadow for too long." ~Shasvini

Advice from a Solar Eclipse:  See the total picture. Be moved by beauty. Live in the moment. Celebrate nature's cycles. Don't be afraid of the dark. Be naturally phenomenal. Lighten up! 

The April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse is the last of its kind to cross the United States until 2044, giving millions of Americans a once-in-a-generation celestial show. The eclipse's path of totality grazed Michigan as it passed through central Indiana and northern Ohio.  Chris and Jane were both at home for the event and Cam was still on the bus at the moment it really darkened.  However, upon exiting the school bus, he was quickly outfitted with eclipse glasses so he could look up at the sun.

Something that will live in our memory banks is a video received from our cousin in Philly.  We wished her a "Happy Eclipse Day" via video and told her how much we missed them.  She returned the message, also using video and while holding up two hair clips wished us all a "Happy Clips Day!"

Cam and his parents seemed a bit more tired this week getting back into the swing of things following their vacation. Our rejuvenation arrived in the form of a planned event.  Renew Mobility is a favorite non-profit and Jane is a member of the Board of Directors.  

Saturday was the annual scheduled Wheel Run for Everyone.  This was the 28th year for the 5k to benefit Renew Mobility (formerly Alternatives in Motion). The challenge is to come out and walk, roll, jog, or wheel - all the money raised supports vital mobility equipment program. The Doctorate in Physical Therapy students at GVSU for the past 28 years have been raising money to support the vital mission to enhance independence through access to mobility equipment. The Wheel Run Together 5K was in-person at the beautiful Allendale Campus. Registration was at 8am, and the race started at 9am.

Since Cameron is a Youth Ambassador for Renew Mobility, he was one of the individuals designated to be a bell ringer to commence the race!  We didn't quite dress warmly enough, assuming the conditions at our home would mimic those at Grand Valley.  The sun was shining, but the wind was whipping which made for a morning chill to the air.  When the race began, we were all happy to be moving along.  GVSU's campus has wide pathways and the 5K route is very scenic.  Volunteers pointed out the directions along the way and sidewalk chalk messages were all positive and encouraging. 

It was fun to see so many people we knew!  The Nolan family, Ms. Cris and Mary Jo, Dr. Lisa and Coach Tom from Mary Free Bed were the standouts. As we neared the finish line, Mary Jo snapped some pics for us and you could hear cheers for every person who made it to the end.  Donuts, bagels and waters were available and there was a raffle drawing.  We were back home by lunchtime. Ms. Kaylee hung out with Cam that evening while Chris and Jane went to dinner and a movie.

Sunday was the warmest day of the week and the sunshine shone brightly all day.  Cameron and his dad worked on setting up the lawnmower.  Chris proceeded to conduct his first official mow of the season.  We all soaked up the vitamin D inching closer to our beautiful Michigan summer.

Camology Quotes:

Chris has been diligently working on his Master's degree. Cam has taken it upon himself to be certain that his dad tackles and finishes homework. One evening, Cam told Chris that he could stop doing something to go back and complete his work.  Chris told him that his son comes first, second and third. His son happily replied:

"Oh, that makes my heart so happy, Dad!"

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