Sunday, May 21, 2023

Road Trips - Week of May 15th

“In life, it’s not where you go – it’s who you travel with.” ~Charles M. Schulz

Before our on the move weekend began, we had in-town ventures on the list.  
Renew Mobility held their annual spring luncheon to raise awareness for this important non-profit.
Last year, we took Cam out of school to attend the event because he and his mom were the guest speakers. Even though he wanted to go again, we explained that it was truly more important for him to remain in school since it's so close to the end of the semester.  Jane and Chris both attended and did recognize a picture that was shown on the big screen.

In our backyard, Cameron and his mom marked Stella's spot with a keepsake stone.  
They talked about how much they miss their cat and the many laughs and good memories she brought to their family.  Cam did ask about the possibility of adopting another feline.  We decided that decision will be made after summer due to the many different house guests headed our way.
Road tripping began Saturday morning with two Weatherford vehicles headed to the WMML baseball game.  The Rockford field was chilly and breezy but the cooler conditions didn't deter the players at all!  And to warm everyone up, we all sang Happy Birthday to Brody, Cam's best buddy who turned 16.  The fans in attendance included almost every single one of Cam and Brody's teachers since kindergarten!  Ms. Barbara, Ms. Kathy, Mrs. Wells and Mrs. A. Klein.  It was completely random that they all happened to show up for the same game.  These women have all assisted with much more than Cameron's education.  Each has taken it upon themselves to help with other aspects of growing up.
After the game, Jane went to Anna's baby shower, while Chris and son went home to make some tasty treats for the next travel stop.

Cam and his parents loaded up their van again, this time packed with fresh watermelon, brownie cookies and some appetizers.  The cousins awaited our arrival.  Cameron brought his high school yearbook which we all determined was the heaviest memento of its kind we'd ever seen.
Calla was intrigued by the mechanical features of her cousin's power wheelchair.  He was showing her how he could lean back and be in a standing mode.  She seemed a bit concerned about Cameron and tried to stop the mechanism a couple of times.  This really made Cam laugh!  We headed back that evening after dinner and dessert.

Sunday morning, we were on the road again headed south to Stevensville.  We had planned to meet up with Auntie Karen and her sister, Sue.  Cracker Barrel was our chosen destination and each of us ordered some type of breakfast.  Before we traveled back to the highway, Cam received a new cool chair float from Karen which he cannot wait to use this summer.

Later that afternoon, we worked on projects and Cameron was enlisted for a weekly chore.  Driving a power wheelchair has its advantages and one of the biggest may be the ability to transport even the heaviest of items.  However, taking a corner too fast may mean that the load you're transporting doesn't quite make it to its destination without a mishap!

Camology Quotes:

Friday afternoon, Cameron was scheduled to work with the Grand Valley State University PT graduate students.  It is a job he takes seriously and he is paid for his time.  Typically, there are 4 students assigned to work with Cam.  Three of them were asking him questions while the other student was interviewing Jane about her son's birth, milestones and schooling.  Jane was responding very quietly so as not to disrupt the team and their efforts.  One of the questions that was asked was regarding Cam's hearing and if there was any concerns.

Jane (in a low whisper): "Any concerns? Yes. Cam's hearing is too good.  He hears everything, especially when he's not supposed to."

"I heard that, Mom!"

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Yes. He is the king of good hearing!