Sunday, May 7, 2023

Distractions - Week of May 1st

“Love is really the only thing we can possess, keep with us, and take with us.”  ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

This week, we needed distractions and thankfully, the activities delivered just that.

Cam wasn't certain he would be up for going to school on Monday, but a field trip was planned and we encouraged him to attend.  When he arrived home from school, he indicated he was glad he went.

The remainder of the week went by quickly.  Thursday was Cameron's last full day of school since Friday was a professional day for the district teachers.  Jane had scheduled a vacation day so she could spend extra time with her son.  Their day began by taking a trip to Heidi's Farmstand.  Heidi's operates from May 1 - Dec. 24.  Ms. Pat has worked there as long as we've been going, since Cam was 4 or 5 years old.  We always bring her a Christmas card and she has told Cam that she's saved every one of them.  Ms. Pat is always delighted to see her buddy.  We picked up treats to drop off at Brody's Be Cafe and Chris's office.  All recipients were quite excited to receive!

Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we had pre-planned a family dinner at a Mexican restaurant where we could eat outside.  After a busy day of Mom and son projects, Cam told Jane he was tired.  We asked if he would "take one for the team" and sit outside at Lalos for our meal.  He agreed and even though it was crowded, our waiter was someone we knew and it was fun chatting.  The weather was perfect and Cam loved his fajitas. 

Saturday morning, after sleeping in, we geared up for the WMML baseball game scheduled for 11am.  We had to arrive early since it was the official picture day for the players.  After finishing his photo opp, Cam was very surprised to see multiple baseball fans!  Ms. Patti, Cara and her daughter Jenna were the first to show up and then Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jon appeared!  It was a great game.  Even though we didn't see the sunshine, the laughter and smiles from our Cam Fans kept us warm.

Saturday evening, Auntie Jo came over with two hot pizzas and chocolate covered fruit. We were thankful for the relaxing evening and the company.  Sunday, we welcomed our cousins in the afternoon and enjoyed hanging out. We shared our dinner together and they headed back home.  

As a family, we discussed the upcoming week, and each of us indicated we were pretty worn out from an emotional time.  It is always a good reminder to stop and relax when we see the deer doing just that in our backyard.

Camology Quotes:

Thursday evening, we all knew Cam could sleep in the next morning.  Ever the jokester, Chris told his son at bedtime that he heard him say he was getting up early on Friday.  Cam replied emphatically with the following comment:

"That is a total fib! I did not say that."

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