Sunday, May 14, 2023

Blooming - Week of May 8th

"Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower." ~John Harrigan

In Michigan, after we officially welcome Spring, it almost seems like overnight, the buds appear on the trees.  Suddenly, the leaves and blossoms show off their vibrant hues and pretty flowers.  As everything continues to bloom, we see growth in other ways too.

Cameron is working with his school PT to figure out the best way to potentially "see" behind him.  While driving his power chair, he often feels startled by something happening out of his purview.  Another one of Cam's physical therapy goals is to be able to reach accessible buttons by maneuvering his chair to provide the best position to be able to successfully reach.  His goal is also being worked on outside of school.  At home, in a small area, he has mastered opening the door to the garage so he can exit himself without asking for assistance.  Even though we don't have a handicap button on our home entry, Cam was still determined to figure out how to make it work.

At times, growing can be recognized by emotional maturity. We shared some sad news about a family friend's passing with Cameron before the weekend.  He commented that it was sad and then asked his mom, "Tell me about your favorite memories of her."

Saturday's agenda was pretty packed.  Although the rain was sputtering in the morning, the WMML teams still played ball.  Volunteers from Rockford and Holland high schools filled up the field.  Our Cam Fans, Ms. Kris and Mary Jo, made their second appearance for a game this season.  Cam and his best bud, Brody had a mini photo opp too.

After lunch, Cameron and his dad sat in Jude's barbershop where they simultaneously receive their haircuts.  In the late afternoon, the sun was shining and we ventured to Spring Lake.  To celebrate Mother's Day with Oma and Opa, we had secured reservations at The Village Baker.  None of us had dined there previously, so we were all excited to try a new spot.  We had an exceptional waitress who offered up good suggestions for appetizers and dinners.  After our delicious, relaxing meal, we moseyed on over to the bakery area.  Chris and Cam chose a loaf of homemade bread, cookies and oatmeal.  

Oma and Jane exchanged Mother's Day gifts before we said our goodbyes.  A beautiful hanging flowering plant made its way back to Grand Rapids, thanks to Oma.

Sunday morning, our family headed out for a Mother's Day breakfast at Sundance restaurant.  We all ordered something different and our favorite morning meal spot delivered.  On the way out, Jane was asked to pick out a carnation for her special day.  Cam requested a relaxing afternoon for his mom which she readily complied with.  He insisted she take a nap and she told her son that it was the best Mother's Day present any mom could ask for!

Camology Quotes:

At school, Cam picked out the saying he wanted to give his mom on Sunday.  The picture he chose "I couldn't have wished for a better mom" was very special for Jane.  He also went shopping with his dad and picked out two scented candles.  As his mom opened the first one, Cam excitedly exclaimed:

"Mom, it was buy one, get one for free!"

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