Sunday, January 29, 2023

More Sleep*Ins - Week of Jan. 23rd

As a younger kid, it seems one cannot wait to wake up, start the day and get going.  As Cameron's parents, we had somewhat given up on the idea that our son would ever learn to "sleep in" - especially on the weekends.  When it seemed to magically happen less than 2 years ago, we almost felt it was too good to be true.  Now, in true teenager form, Monday mornings are a bit more difficult when it comes to waking up.  It has been reported that supposedly Albert Einstein consistently slept for at least 10 hours and there is no denying his genius status.

The colder weather and snow returned this week and for once, it was welcomed knowing that it would secure our upcoming Sunday skiing venture.

After a busy week, Cam and his mom decided to find a movie to watch Friday night.  They landed on "Clue" which was an old film (circa 1985) based on the board game.  Although it was a bit silly, there were funny parts along the way.

On Saturday, we loaded up the van following lunch to see Oma and Opa for our pre-planned afternoon and evening with them.  We were under a winter weather advisory for the duration but it didn't seem that it would affect us too much.  After setting up some new furniture and attending to some items, we sat and relaxed for a bit.  We decided it would be smart to head out to dinner a little early since the snow had begun falling.  Red Lobster was our destination to celebrate Opa's birthday.  We enjoyed an appetizer and tasty biscuits as we awaited our meal.  Cam had a perfect view of the kitchen door and definitely kept a close gaze in that direction.  The restaurant was surprisingly busy and we all enjoyed our chosen fish dinners.  

The snow machine ramped up outside and we were surprised to see our cars covered upon exiting.  Oma indicated she could drive back so that Chris, Jane and Cam could begin their trek back to Grand Rapids.  Little did we know that our winter weather advisory had actually changed to a winter storm warning while eating our food.  It was slow-going and a bit slick on the way home.  Oma called us when they arrived back at Rosy Mound.  In our own driveway, there were roughly 5 new inches of snow.  The van couldn't quite make it all of the way up, so Chris backed us down and proceeded to snow blow the entire driveway before we could enter the garage.

We were all especially tired that evening and slept in until 8:30a the next morning.  With the fresh snow, we anticipated great skiing conditions Sunday afternoon and we were not disappointed.  A big surprise (although it shouldn't have been) was how crowded the ski resort, Cannonsburg, actually was.  It seemed that everyone had come out to enjoy the slopes.
Team Cam was all smiles as everyone appeared more secure in their balancing acts.  We put in a full two solid hours of skiing.  Our son secured a hot chocolate on the drive home commenting how much fun it was.

Also enjoyable was a trek over to Renew Mobility.  A big shout out to the non-profit for posting Cam's picture.  Chris and his son drove over to drop off equipment we were no longer using and pick up a manual chair that can be used where Cam's powerchair may not be able to go.  We are so thankful for this organization and they are most appreciative of their Youth Ambassador, Mr. Cam!

Camology Quotes:

On the weekend evenings, Cam typically enjoys a frozen treat or similar dessert.  Jane took a new container 
of Reese's ice cream out of the freezer  after dinner to allow it to thaw just a bit prior to scooping.  Cam asked if he could have some yet and his mom explained it needed some time to melt.  And her teenager responded with:

"Mom, I'm acutely aware."

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