Sunday, January 22, 2023

Details Required - Week of Jan. 16th

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." ~John Wooden

If you're telling Cam a story about something that happened, we encourage you to be armed with every single bit of information.  It may feel like an inquisition at times, but Cameron thrives on each and every element.  

Jane had ordered single silicone microwave popcorn "poppers" but didn't alert Chris or Cam.  The funny guys decided that perhaps they were meant to go over your hands for some reason. 😆

After a typical week, Ms. Amanda and Cam spent Friday evening hanging out and watching a movie.  They enjoyed Chipotle for dinner which Cameron declared was delicious.

After everyone slept in on Saturday, it was a lazy start to the day.  While Chris was nursing a cold, Jane and her son headed north after lunch.  They were invited to Coco's for dinner.  Cam appointed himself the safety supervisor for Calla as she used a child utensil to "chop up" mushrooms.  Calla's baby brother was wide awake when Cam asked if he could hold him
for a minute.
Dinner included salad, beef stroganoff and noodles, roasted broccoli and garlic bread.  A dessert of homemade brownies with ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream topped it all off.  Cam didn't recall having beef stroganoff before and stated it was so good!  And the sundaes are in his absolute favorite category.

Sunday afternoon we were scheduled for our 2nd ski outing at Cannonsburg.  It had rained a few days during the week so the conditions were not ideal.   Luckily, the resort was able to make enough snow to have a base.  Chris was on the upswing and ready to head to the slopes with Jane and their son.
Cam said he felt even more comfortable this week and his team seemed to be in a groove as well.  It wasn't the best skiing due to some slushy elements, but we were all happy to have the opportunity to participate.  At the end of Cam's lessons, Jane told the volunteer trio how thankful we are for their time and expertise.  It is the only way our family can safely be on the slopes together!  Check out Cam's video ⛷

Camology Quotes:

Cam is always eager to hear about a happening or event that happened to anyone he knows.  Chris started talking about an incident that happened at his work and it involved a key fob.  Cam immediately called Jane over and said:

"Mom, you need to tune into this story..."

(The story: A co-worker of Chris "checked out" a company truck to drive to White Cloud, roughly an hour from the office.  The "check out" is a key fob which if inside the vehicle, allows you to start it without placing a key in an ignition switch.  This co-worker drove and was pulled over by the police in White Cloud because the truck was reported stolen.  It turns out the actual key fob for that vehicle was already under the seat and the key fob the co-worker grabbed was slated for another vehicle...hence why it was reported stolen!)

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