Sunday, December 4, 2022

Parading Around - Week of Nov. 28th

“Cats are unpredictable as they don't know what they're going to do next until they make it happen through nosiness, invention, acrobatics, and sheer force of will.” ~Stewart Stafford

Cam loves watching our cat, Stella.  They seem to have their own way of communicating.  The "adult kitty" as Cam sometimes refers to her, fully understands that if she wants something she should meow (incessantly) to our son which in turns leads him to ask/pester us until she is satisfied.  Stella also thoroughly enjoys the Christmas tree and being camouflaged underneath it.

On Wednesday, Chris and Jane were invited to attend the Adaptive Art Open House at the high school.  The principal, students and teachers were all in attendance.  Cam talked about his artwork and we especially liked his head vision pictures.

Thursday, Dec. 1st was Oma's birthday!  We had planned to meet Cam's grandparents at the Olive Garden restaurant in Fruitport to celebrate.  When we arrived, we were surprised to see the parking lot full at 5:15p.  Our scrumptious dinner was topped off by a free dessert for Oma.  She chose tiramisu and shared with us all.  It was Cam's first taste of the Italian classic and he really liked it.  He did ask about the taste of coffee and if it would keep him awake on a school night.  We won't disclose Cam's grandma's age, but we will say she seems ageless to us.

Friday evening, Ms. Amanda hung out with her buddy Cam while Chris and Jane enjoyed a date night at a retro arcade.  
Saturday morning was a chilly one with temperatures in the high 20's.  The brisk wind made it feel even colder.  We were expected to be a part of the Ada Village Santa Parade scheduled to commence at 11am.  Cam and his parents were lined up, holding the Brody's be Cafe spot at 10:15am.  The parade is always exciting, being a part of the festivities right in the middle of it all.  Jane and her son stopped off at the cafe to wait for Chris and thaw out a bit with some hot drinks.

Sunday afternoon, we made plans to meet up with Coco, Max and Calla at FMG. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is a 158-acre botanical garden, art museum, and outdoor sculpture park located in Grand Rapids.  The Christmas Around the World exhibit features 46 trees and displays representing countries and cultures from across the globe. In addition to the trees, the botanical area is filled with fresh poinsettias, evergreens and amaryllis. Volunteers help decorate the trees and set up displays, including 350,000 lights inside and outside the park.  After viewing each and every display, we were all impressed and picked out our favorites.  Upon exiting, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some tasty food.

As we relaxed at home that evening, Cam's dad was feeling quite tired.  He was so exhausted, in fact, that he decided to hitch a ride on the back of his son's powerchair! 

Camology Quotes:

Ms. Ann works with Cam daily as his tutor.  One of the writing assignments was to think of a food that you enjoy that some people may not have tried.  Write a persuasive paragraph in which you convince readers to try the food you have chosen.  The following was Cameron's entry:

"Fish is really delicious.  They have breaded fish, fried fish, or baked fish.  I like breaded fish the best.  I like to order perch or cod.  You can dip it in tartar sauce or ranch dressing.  The fish tastes mild.  You should try it!"

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