Sunday, March 6, 2022

Husky Hustle - Week of Feb. 28th

"To me, the body says what words cannot.   I believe that dance was the first art." ~Martha Graham

"The subject says: I see first many things that dance...then everything gradually becomes connected." ~Jim Morrison

There are many "firsts" we experience growing up and even into adulthood.  A first can be met with hesitation, anxiety or anticipation. 

Cam's 8th grade class announced the Husky Hustle, a spring dance for eighth graders only.  Forest Hills Northern (FHN) has been the school system Cam has attended since kindergarten.  Their team name is the Huskies.  Leading up to Friday evening, our teenager wasn't certain he would attend.  

Once he knew his best bud, Brody, would be there as well as his teacher who had volunteered to be a chaperone, he decided it was a go.  The event was scheduled for 90 minutes from 6:30p-8p and parents were not allowed.  Cam made certain Chris and Jane were aware of the parameters as well as the requirement to have a school ID to enter.

Upon arriving promptly at 6:25pm, Cam exited our van, with his knee blocks ready for standing, and made his way to the doors along with a sea of other kids.  Chris and Jane headed to a nearby restaurant, HopCat, to meet Brody's parents for the duration of the dance.  The time went by much too quickly for everyone as we headed back to Cam's school.  The line for kids to be picked up at 8p was quite long so Jane hopped out hoping to find their son.  When she spotted him, his smile couldn't have been bigger!  After making their way back to the van, Cam told his parents he had the best time. On the drive home, always the rule-follower, our son announced that they did not even check the school IDs!

Saturday was an unusually warm day and we spent time outdoors cleaning up and cleaning out.  Chris and Cam took a field trip to the west side of town to test out a beach wheelchair that will be donated to a family from the non-profit organization, Lori's Voice.  Even though it is an adult chair, Cam indicated it was comfortable enough to ride in.

The remainder of the weekend was a mixture of relaxation and home projects.  Jane finished an excellent book Cam is reading with his class entitled "Rain Reign" (we highly recommend!) and Chris caught her reading ahead.  We watched a family movie together.  Stella, our cat, can always depict the best example of leisure time.  Her goal is to find where the sun is shining and soak it in.

Camology Quotes:

Cam made certain his parents left on time Friday evening to drive him to the school dance.  As we arrived, our son seemed to reverse roles with us, seemingly taking on a parental tune:

"Please make sure you are here before 8 o'clock to pick me back up.  Make sure you drive our van instead of riding with Brody's parents."

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