Sunday, September 5, 2021

Community Outreach - Week of Aug. 30th

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." ~Muhammad Ali

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless." ~Sherry Anderson

When Cameron was born, his parents weren't active volunteers in the community.  Because of Cam, Chris and Jane are now board members and helpers for different events and organizations.  One of the many we support as a family is Lori's Voice.  In their quarterly newsletter, Chris, their newest member of the Board of Directors, is featured on the front page with Cam.  The following is the article (along with pictures) that was posted:
 Life's a Beach: A Michigan beach is a gift enjoyed by many. The above photo says it all, our very own Board member Chris is having a blast with his son in their version of a beach wheelchair. As you may know Lori’s Voice has provided beach wheelchairs at many Lake Michigan parks and continues to add more as people and park management requests. Unfortunately they are not always available, so Chris and Cam, through trial and error, developed their very own – dubbed the “Cam-mobile”. Since not everyone is as creative as these two we continue to provide them for many to enjoy. In addition to the sand and surf some of our kids want to explore the forest or modest hiking trails. Well, we have begun to fill that need as well. Enter the all-terrain power chair. Pictured here, these chairs run on tracks rather than wheels so they are capable of handling a wide variety of surfaces, opening up a whole new world of adventure. Beach wheelchairs and all-terrain chairs give freedom and independence to our kids – a freedom made possible by our Lori’s Voice donors and dedicated volunteers.

It is always difficult to "say goodbye" to summer.  Labor Day weekend hints at the unofficial farewell.  Lake Michigan also seemed to sense the wind down with cooler water and bigger waves.  
It didn't deter us from having a nice time on the beach hanging out and watching the seagulls.  
The water flow appeared to be directly from the west, which is unusual.  
The waves arose to meet each other as the whitecaps greeted the inbound and outbound swells.
We are reminded how invaluable the Cam-mobile is for our son to experience Lake Michigan and the beach.  Now, as a fourteen year old, he is content with sitting and conversing versus the need to be constantly entertained.   A friendly seagull kept us all captivated as it edged closer and backed away over and over again.

On the cottage deck, the winds were strong and cool, but at the water's edge, the sunshine warmed the sand and all of us.  We dined on grilled kabobs, veggies and homemade applesauce as we watched the sun fade slowly towards the horizon.  We are always thankful for the time with family and that Oma and Opa can be on the beach with us too.

Back in Grand Rapids, Cam had a bike ride around the driveway to test out the repairs he and his dad had completed.  The adaptive bike is headed to Cam's school next week where he can ride it outside as well as inside the school gym during the colder months.

Ghandi said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  
If you're a fan of Cam, then you're definitely a fan of helping and giving back.  We hope this coming week leads you down both paths.

Camology Quotes:

On Friday, we decided our dinner would be chicken parmesan and pasta. Cam requested his chicken parm and pasta to be placed in a tortilla.  Jane told him she really didn't think this would be a great combination.  Her son replied: "It is good in my book!"

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