Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Gift of One's Self - Week of July 5th

"Priceless things matter not for their value, but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence." ~Barbara Taylor Bradford

If you asked Cam what his favorite things are, he has a long list.  On the short listing of unfavorites is fireworks.  He thinks the colors are amazing but loud noises have always been an issue.  It's almost like Cam feels every boom throughout his entire body.  Fireworks were still going off the evening of July 5th and our son asked if we could call the police.  We explained how difficult it would be to determine where they were being lit.  Thankfully, they didn't last long and it was the last night we heard them.

Cam and Ms. Amanda always have activities to do during their time together.  One of them was creating a photo book online with Amanda's professional wedding pics she had just received.  This was one of Cam's favorites.

The end of the week brought more excitement than fireworks!  Cam's best bud Brody, his mom Jenny and Ms. Rachel all arrived at our house at 4p on Friday.  They had gifted Chris & Jane a dinner out while they had hang out time with Cam.  Ms. Rachel even stopped at a movie theater and had a bucket of popcorn to share with the group.  We are not certain who had more fun that evening but we do know Cam requested a repeat.

Saturday, July 10 we celebrated Chris' birthday!  Cam's dad opened a few presents at home including the Grand Rapids skyline photo trio for his new office at work.  Chris was promoted and is now the Director of IT at Fishbeck.  We are all so very proud of him.  Cam chose a favorite photo of he and his dad for a canvas print.  
At the cottage that day, we enjoyed our beach time even though it wasn't super sunny.  
Oma and Cam were up on the deck when Chris was playing with his drone and taking pictures.  

We enjoyed a delicious fajita dinner outside watching the water with our cousins.  Cam chose chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling for his dad's birthday treat.

It seems we have a constant reminder of priceless gifts.  Whether it's the way the sun sparkles on Lake Michigan or being surrounded by family for celebrations or taking time to hang out with friends, these are the moments that make us pause and remain so thankful for all of those gifts that don't have a price tag.

Camology Quotes:

Cam is so sweet about complimenting others.  One evening this week he told his mom how pretty she looked.  Jane said, "Well Thank you kind Sir."  To which Cam replied: "Wow, you're being formal!"

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