Sunday, July 4, 2021

Counting Cousins - Week of June 28th

"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold cousins together." ~Woodrow Wilson

It seems that every week a new adventure awaits Cam...  
On Monday, he had a long walk with Ms. Amanda, her mother-in-law Mary and their puppy, Jada.  It was sunny and warm and the Bernese Mountain dog was definitely tired upon return.

Then Monday evening we received the awaited news of the arrival of our new cousin!  Coco and Max did not want to know the baby's gender, so it was a surprise for everyone.  Their baby girl, Calla St. Clair Grace, was born Monday evening and Cam was screaming with excitement.  We were invited to visit Miss Calla on Tuesday eve and we explained to our son that he had never met a baby who was just a day old.  Jane also shared with Cam that when Coco was a baby, Jane held her and when Jane was a baby, Coco's mom held her!  We didn't stay too long but it was super special to meet our newest cousin, Miss Calla.

The summer weekends are typically reserved for the cottage and we drove northward to find the sun and relaxation.  Chris and son successfully finished yet another beach mobility chair we like to call the CamMobile.  As Cam has grown, the CamMobile needed transformation as well.  A longer seat, new fabric and the bright blue color were all enhancements of this latest model.

Fortunately for our family, our cousins invested in one of the coolest floating rafts we have ever had the pleasure of using.  Lake Michigan was very calm and raft-ready.  Cam started out on the beach in his CamMobile chatting with Oma and Opa and the cousins.  After he was in the water for a bit, we coaxed him into trying out the raft.  It was warm in the sun with a light breeze.  Cam said that floating in the water was so relaxing and very comfortable.  We were even offered snacks while in the raft and that was a first!

After a family dinner with the cousins, we were on the road again.  Before getting on the highway, we made a short detour to see cousin David who was in from Texas and had fun chatting for a bit.
As our extended family continues to grow, we know not everyone has the advantage of hanging out with their cousins.  It is a priceless gift and one that keeps giving.

Camology Quotes:

Cam was requesting daily updates about our newest cousin prior to her birth.  Jane relayed on Sunday that Coco was having contractions.  We hadn't discussed details but Cam has seen some ER medical and live rescue shows.  Without missing a beat (and much to his dad's complete surprise) Cam asked the following question after hearing that news.  "How much is she dilated?"

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