Sunday, November 22, 2020

Standing Success! - Week of Nov. 16th

Like many of the famous sayings we recite today, the original author of "Patience is a virtue" is hard to pin down. Some date it back to Cato to the Elder in the third or fourth century. Others attribute it to The Canterbury Tales, written during the 14th century.  It’s most commonly believed that the line originated from the poem, Piers Plowman, said to have been written around 1360 by English poet William Langland, about a man in search of faith. One line in the poem states that “patience is a fair virtue.”  Whoever first coined the term also must have realized that it is so difficult to wait for something.

When Cam first picked up his new powerchair, we were all excited about the new standing element.  However, it became abundantly clear that something would need to change in the knee block apparatus - the portion that holds Cam's legs in position for standing.  They were too tight around his knees and it was apparent that it wouldn't work for him.
After a couple of months, we finally gathered as a group this week at Cam's house to test out different knee blocks.  Chris, Jane and their son were equally excited about the fact that Cam could now stand in his own chair.
Not only is this great for stretching, but also added independence.
By putting on his tray, he can help at the kitchen counter and also use his iPad while standing.  As he becomes accustomed to the new knee blocks, his ability to stretch taller will also be an added benefit.

Swimming lessons continue on Wednesday evenings for our teenager at Mary Free Bed.  This week he saw Ms. Jen, the Manager of Guest Services, who surprised him during his session.  
Ms. Jen has been a part of our Halloween Heroes parade every year and also coordinates the annual Christmas party.  There will not be a Santa celebration this December at the hospital so Cam was happy he was able to say hi to Ms. Jen.

We headed northward on Saturday to help Oma and Opa prepare for winter.  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining.  We all had a Panera Bread lunch, consisting of soup and sandwiches.  It's funny how good the medley of vegetables, sauce and broth tastes in the fall.  During recent high winds and rain, the beach had all but disappeared.  With calm waters in its place, the sandy beach could be seen once again bringing relief to Cam's grandparents.
We headed back home late in the afternoon as the sun was inching closer to the horizon.  The drive is always filled with different topics of conversation.  We chatted about all the things Cam could take advantage of while being able to stand. 

As Abraham Lincoln said: "Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."
We also like this one..."Somebody has to stand when other people are sitting. Somebody has to speak when other people are quiet." 
~Bryan Stevenson 
Camology Quotes: 
At school, the kids had to write about why they are so thankful.  This was Cam's entry...
"Thanksgiving reminds me of all of the things I am thankful for.  I appreciate friends, family, and thanksgiving dinner.  I'm especially thankful for friends because they are helpful to me.  I also appreciate my family because they make dinner for me.  Finally, I'm grateful for Thanksgiving dinner because I love having turkey dinner.  As I enjoy this holiday season, I realize that I have many reasons to be thankful.  My friends, my family and Thanksgiving dinner are very important to me."

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