Sunday, November 8, 2020

Ambassador Cameron - Week of Nov. 2nd

"Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life.  It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient.  It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop." ~Dorothy Height

Over the years, Cameron has been asked to be interviewed for different organizations, events and activities.  Perhaps it is because he is such a willing participant.  We believe it's due to his winning smile and personality.  Whatever the reason, we are incredibly thankful for the opportunities it has provided Cam.  A few weeks ago, the Director of Alternatives in Motion (AIM) contacted Jane asking if Cam and his mom could be interviewed for their virtual Facebook Live event.  No one was quite sure what to expect since this would be the first time any of us participated in a FB event live streaming.  We arrived a little early since Cam never wants to be late, and met one of our local news reporters, Angeline McCall.  She would be interviewing us and asked a few questions prior.  Coleen, the Director of AIM, had also shared with Ms. McCall that it was Cam's idea to donate our old van to the non-profit organization.  Hugh, the board president, introduced us all and teed up the interview.
Angeline was very easy to talk to and asked us about our history with AIM.  The non-profit provides mobility equipment to those who need it, not as a loan, but for as long as it is needed.  They only request return when it is no longer required for the individual.  Before obtaining clearance to begin the ordering process for power mobility, each individual has to take a "driving test" to be able to ensure the equipment is appropriate.  Over 7 years ago, Cam's physical therapist filled out an application with AIM for a powered wheelchair.  Without that "driver's training" our son was able to take advantage of, we don't know how he could've passed that test to gain approval for his first power wheelchair.  

After the interview was over, Hugh announced that he had a surprise for us all.  He looked at Cam and told him that in honor of his efforts and contribution, AIM was presenting Cam with their very first "Youth Ambassador of the Year" award!  Our son's reaction was a generous shouting of "Wow, that's awesome!"  He did throw in a thank you as well and was pretty blown away by the accommodation.  One of AIM's employees and a physical therapist knows Cam through another therapist.  Kelsey couldn't wait to have her picture taken with the new Youth Ambassador.

The weekend was still full of other activities.
On Saturday, our family headed over to Brody's be Cafe in the afternoon to assist with igloo setup.
Last year, our group put the enclosures together in 20 degree weather.  This November, we enjoyed a balmy 70 degrees!  One of our fellow board members, Mrs. Webb, joined in the fun.  She is Cam's former occupational therapist from his elementary school.

Thankfully, the unseasonably warmer weather continued into Sunday.  Outdoor work ensued with Chris fighting the battle against the falling leaves.

Chris and his son set up the driveway markers to prepare for the upcoming winter snow plowing.
Cam was enlisted to assist with garbage and recycling container drop off at the end of the driveway.

Wearing t-shirts isn't the norm in November while living in Michigan.  It was a welcome surprise to be able to complete outdoor jobs in the mild weather.  As always, Cam keeps his parents on task.  We've started to think what an excellent project manager he could be in the future!

Camology Quotes: 

Cam was truly elated when he was presented with the Youth Ambassador Award.  As everyone continued to congratulate him, he politely said thank you.  When we were leaving the building and headed back to our van, Cam stopped driving and look at us .

"So, what is an Ambassador?"

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