Sunday, July 19, 2020

Finding Shade - Week of July 13th

In Michigan, we anticipate the summer months like a tasty dessert.  Sometimes, too much of something helps us remember why moderation is a good thing.
The hottest temperature ever recorded in Grand Rapids was 108℉  on July 13, 1936.
The steamiest day in recent years was July 6, 2012 (104℉) which was a very memorable summer for us since our air conditioning suddenly stopped working in the home we had just purchased.

It has been an unusually warm July thus far with many days in the 90 degree range.  Cam appreciates the sunshine, but excessive heat is definitely not his favorite.
At Tuesday's Farmer's Market in Ada, he met a puppy who quickly found a cooler area under Cam's feet.  The market is set up every Tuesday in the summer and early fall in the parking lot adjacent to Brody's Be Cafe.

In the mornings while it is still a bit cooler, Ms. Amanda and Cam try to schedule in their daily stroll in the park.  This beautiful creature was near a marsh area.  After a bit of research, it appears to be an Eastern Box turtle.

Thursday evening, we headed over to Thornapple Church for an outdoor graduation party in honor of our dear friend, Megan Raisch.  Every one wore masks and there was a delicious dessert bar set up.  Our family gave Meg a remote-controlled lighted name box for her dorm room this fall.  We all agreed to a quick picture without masks.

Saturday, we were northward bound once again.  The waves were higher than usual so it wasn't the ideal day for swimming but still fun to hang out on the beach for a bit.
We watched an enormous shelf cloud make its way toward us.  It's quite mesmerizing to watch the weather change over Lake Michigan.

An author, Yasmina Haque, described the fresh water this way: “Lake Michigan’s definitely moody. It’s not just bi-polar, but beyond schizophrenic. It’s dozens of surrounding lakes and waterways...never know what to expect on a day to day basis. She is awesome at calm and awesome at dangerous.”

Camology Quotes:
On Sunday morning, we had quite a severe thunderstorm in the area.  Around 9am, we lost power.  After we logged in online and reported it, the restoration time indicated was 6:45pm!  Cam and Jane decided to take a drive.  While they were out and about, this conversation took place.
 "Mom, we had planned on leftovers for lunch, right?"
Yes, that was the plan.
*pause* "I cannot have leftovers because we cannot heat them up with no power."
*pause* "I guess I will have to have Culvers!"

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