Sunday, December 22, 2019

Standing Tall - Week of Dec. 16th

 "My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible." ~Stella Young, comedian and disability rights activist

It was a big week in the land of accessibility for Cam.  We arrived at Mary Free Bed anxious to see how a standing wheelchair may work out.  The process is a lengthy one.  An accessible power wheelchair is only approved by insurance every 7 years.  Once you are evaluated, the occupational therapist and wheelchair provider begin the laborious documentation process to be sent off to the insurance company.  Six months is the absolute soonest a chair will be received.  Two chairs were available for Cam to try driving and standing.  The Rovi and Permobil manufacturers offered different advantages and after testing both, Cam chose the Permobil, which is the same manufacturer as his current chair.  We all left the appointment very excited about the choice and future accessibility.

Ms. Amanda arrived early Friday evening to celebrate an early Christmas with us and also to present Cam with a surprise box.  Inside was a nerf gun, shaded sunglasses and a ring pop.  The note attached had a special request from Amanda and Nick...they asked Cam if he would be Ring Security for their wedding in April 2020!  He excitedly yelled "yes!"

Saturday's forecast was fairly mild so we ventured northward towards the cottage.  We hadn't seen the big lake since all of the fall storms that caused quite a big erosion due to large waves and rainfall.
We brought Panera Bread soup and shared a delicious lunch with Cam's grandparents.
Oma and Cam got busy frosting cookies while Chris and Jane ventured down to the beach, or lack thereof.  Back in 2003 when Cam parents were married on this very lake shore, there was more than 100 feet of beach, compared to today of roughly 20 feet.  Thankfully, as the colder weather sets in, the inevitable freezing of Lake Michigan will begin, subsiding more erosion as least for a bit.

Back in Grand Rapids, Sunday evening welcomed our traditional Raisch fam dinner.  These girls are like Cam's older sisters and a green sweatshirt made this kiddo into a funny looking Grinch character of sorts which made everyone giggle. 
As we headed into the countdown for the holiday, we are reminded of a Dr. Suess quote, "Maybe Christmas, he thought doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!"

Camology Quotes:
As we were nearing the end of holiday shopping, Jane took Cam on a secret errand.  When they got in the van Cam asked where they were headed and Jane indicated a store called Carhartt.  They entered the store and Cam (quite loudly) announced: 
"Mom, there are no car parts in here!  

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