Sunday, December 8, 2019

Festive Festivities - Week of Dec. 2nd

"If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person." ~Mister Rogers

When we talked about our upcoming schedule for the week, even Cam noted "wow, that is a lot!"
On Monday morning, Cam's  class headed out on a field trip to Meijer to purchase items for needy families.  On their way back to school, they made a stop at Brody's be Cafe!  Cam had been anticipating this visit since Ms. Konkle told the class they would be treated to hot chocolate.
Cam, Mrs. Festian
and Brody
Jane had missed seeing the group when she stopped in at lunchtime, but the manager, Rachel, couldn't stop telling Jane how Cam had completely made her day because he was so excited to see her and to be at the cafe!
Early that evening, we all headed over to the Fine Arts Center ready to hear the Winter Choir Concert.  The sixth graders were scheduled to be the last group to sing.  The eighth grade took the stage first, then seventh and then Cam's grade.  Chris and Jane were actually very impressed with all of the music and performances.  However, one that really stuck with us was sung by the sixth graders entitled "Don't Laugh at Me" centered around fitting in, acceptance and inclusion.  We told Cam we were very proud of him and he couldn't stop talking about the music all the way home that evening.
Liam, 'Buddy the Elf', Jane & Jason
A holiday party for the Mary Free Bed Guild left Amanda with Cam for Wednesday evening and after a PT session on Thursday, we were ready for Friday's fun.  In the afternoon, Cam had a half day and hung out with Ms. Ann and then headed back to the middle school for a movie afternoon with his class from 4p-6p, a special gift from the teachers.  Chris picked up Cam and Brody while Jane set up volunteering activities at the Ada Tinsel, Treats and Trolleys festival.  Cam, Brody and Liam had some hang out time eating pizza.  The Grinch character with dog Max and Buddy the Elf were sitting in the outdoor domes behind the cafe ready to greet people after they purchased coffee or hot cocoa.  And the Ada Historical Bridge showed off its bright lights for the first time this season.  Cam wanted a close-up look.

Saturday morning we ventured over to Ada to stroll in the Santa parade with Brody's be Cafe.  We had no idea we would be up in the front.  The gigantic coffee mug was made of chicken wire and stuffed with pieces of light material.  Dry ice and hot water made it look like a steaming mug!  As we went along the route we saw Ms. Kate, Cam's former speech pathologist and Mr. Jim, Cam & Brody's bus driver and his wife.  After the parade, we headed back to the cafe to help out for a bit before heading home for a late lunch.
Cam & long-time friend, April

Then we were off again, this time to check out the Mary Free Bed holiday party downtown. Cam has been attending this party for quite a few years and this was the first one we remembered being during the day, which was a nice change. We were a little late getting there, but Chris thought it was perfect timing.  Within 10 minutes of our arrival, Santa appeared!
Each kiddo has time with the white-bearded guy and then they pick out a present appropriate for their age group.  The presents just have pretty ribbon so the kids can choose.  Cam requested the Headbandz game for kids- such a great choice!
After leaving MFB, we arrived home and Chris and Jane prepared for one last holiday activity- the annual Fishbeck party downtown.

A very busy week indeed but we deemed it a "good busy" since every single thing we experienced meant we were with friends, smiling and laughing and enjoying the moments that become such special memories.

Camology Quotes:
Sometimes we don't think far enough ahead.  We have 3 smoke alarms in our home.  When the first one beeped quite loudly a few weeks ago, we should have purchased three right away.  We did not.  Early one evening this week, another one began chirping incessantly.  Cam didn't realize immediately that it was beeping to be replaced:   
"Mom and Dad- the fire alarm.  Hurry!  We have no time to lose!"

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