Sunday, October 20, 2019

What a Zoo! - Week of Oct. 14th

"Being busy is better than being bored. Bored left a long time ago. Busy is always around for me." ~Tabitha Robin 
"The zoo is a pretty safe place to fart." ~Anonymous

Life seems busier this time of year with all of the Halloween project activity.  Thankfully, though, there are still those scheduled events that help us pause and appreciate everything else going on.
A field trip to the zoo was on Cam's agenda this week.  Due to a busing issue, Jane drove Cam to the John Ball Park Zoo and Chris was set to pick him up.  The weather was a bit dicey with rain showers, so Cam's dad arrived a bit early just in case the
gang wanted to head back to school.  Not only was he able to hang out with the kids, but Chris enjoyed the zoo maybe just as much as Cam and his classmates.

Each and every week, our son tackles the challenge of physical therapy, meeting with Patrick to go through various stretches and exercises.  Now that Cam's hip is healed, he is back to practicing walking.  It's hard work and one of the most important things for Cam is sticking to the schedule.  If there is too much talking, our rule-abiding citizen will always interject with "aren't we supposed to be doing x now?"

Saturday morning had a twist as our street that had been removed to dirt level was in the process of being re-paved.

As a family, we worked at Mary Free Bed once again.  Mary Jo and Cam supplied our volunteer crew with homemade brownies and cookies- the perfect boost we all needed!
One of our Grand Valley volunteers, Meredith, was back for another round of costume creation.  Ms. Molly guided Mary Jo & Cam along with Meredith on their own field trip to the main hospital.  Due to growing number of costumes being created for wheelchairs, we have had to relocate quite a few.  One of the favorites is most definitely "baby shark" seen here being modeled by Meredith.
Cam & Mary Jo
Molly & Cam
The group was also able to see the handiwork of others who had created a Star Wars theme for a pediatric party at the hospital.

Back at HH HQ (Halloween Heroes), everyone was busy sawing, gluing, sewing and embellishing.  It's hard to believe that 4 years ago, Ms. Molly called Jane in June and said "I was thinking about how you have the picture of Cam in his Halloween costume every year on your Christmas card... what do you think about trying to do that for the pediatric patients at Mary Free Bed?"  Our project has not only grown in size, but it's grown friendships as well.

Camology Quotes:
It seems the Weatherford household was a bit worn out this week.  One evening at bedtime, the following silly conversation took place...  
Cam: "I'm tired."
Dad:  "I'm tired. I don't know who's more tired, Cam- me or you." 
Mom: "What about me? Don't I get a vote?"
Cam:  "Mom, your vote will be encrypted for security reasons." 

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