Sunday, July 22, 2018

Friends are the Family We Choose for Ourselves - Week of July 16th

"In life the only thing that you can expect is the unexpected; the only surprise is a day that has none." ~Joan Rivers

Close friends of Cam's parents have become 'Aunties' and 'Uncles' over the years.  On Friday, we had the opportunity to help surprise 'Auntie' Roe for her birthday.  Ronda's husband worked out a plan with Chris to meet for dinner and we arrived a little early to be certain we were ready before they showed up.  Due to a very unexpected flat tire, they were a little delayed, but Auntie Roe was oh so shocked when she saw Cam, Jane & Chris and Amanda at the restaurant.  It's always a treat to see Ronda with Cam and he even remembered some of the Portuguese language his Auntie Roe taught him quite a few years ago.

On Saturday, we were off to the local airport to pick up Jane's lifelong dearest friend, Auntie Leslie and her boyfriend, Mr. Jay.  Jane, Leslie and Jay all went to school together and they were settling in for a week-long visit in Michigan.

Mr. Jay is a huge fan of all strategic games.  He introduced Cam to King Tokyo last year and Cam couldn't wait to play it with Jay again.  Also due to Mr. Jay's influence, Chris made a dice roller for Cam allowing him to place the die in a tiered plastic box where they roll out. Watching Cam learn the strategy of a game and putting it into action has been thrilling.

On Sunday, we all entered  the van to embark on a ride up to the cottage.  Our first stop was Dog-n-Suds in Montague to partake in their delicious lunch selection. (Watch 2-minute history)
With our full bellies, we headed to Lake Michigan to play beach side and soak up the sun for a bit. 
Oma and Opa made us a delicious meal and we all enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Cam's cousin, Steffanie with awesome cake and ice cream.

The sun may have faded in and out that day, but these smiles certainly did not!

Camology Quotes:
Auntie Leslie always comments how much she loves Cam's sense of humor.  She was watching a t.v. program with Cam that he likes and she had never seen before:
Leslie- "Cam, you have great taste!"
"What do you mean?  I cannot eat a show!"

Speaking of Cam's sense of humor, Chris was whistling one evening as if he was talking to Cam...
"Dad, I cannot speak bird!"

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