Sunday, July 8, 2018

Celebrating Independence - Week of July 2nd

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." ~Gilbert K. Chesterton

We started off the week on a low and high note in the same day.  Cam's van headed in for repairs and we were invited to a surprise party for Miss Ann completing a second Master's degree!   She was quite astonished to see so many gathered just for her.  Also in attendance was one of Ann's granddaughter's, Miss Ella.  Ella was so sweet with Cam and wanted to give him a big hug.

The 4th of July landed on Wednesday.  Cam eagerly planned to participate in the beginning of our Cascade parade.  Any kid can ride, walk or drive a powerchair in the bike parade.  Decorations are encouraged and Cam's ride was decked out with balloons and ribbons, all colored red, white and blue.
(Jane and her son found some pretty cool new editing software in Google photos to make the short video shown)

We kept a little surprise from Cam- Ms. Michelle was in town from Florida and couldn't wait to see her buddy!  She and her daughter Bekah were on stand by, anxious to see our parade participant round the corner.  Cam was totally shocked to see Michelle and we all had fun hanging out on the parade route.

The steamy weather pushed us northward for a day at the beach.  The waves were rolling but not too high. 
Cam chose to ride separately with Jane and Chris as they took turns on kayaking tours.

After a few lengthy rides, Oma was the chosen beach buddy to create some sand bakery items.  We were thankful for another delicious dinner on the deck again before departing for Grand Rapids.

On Sunday, Cam enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities.  Chris needed an office helper so Cam volunteered his services.  Equipped with a headset, Cam's dad kept in close communication checking things out.

We picked up a customized adaptive bike for Cam during the week and Sunday was his first opportunity to really test it out.  It's even equipped with a bell to announce his arrival.  We look forward to many hours of riding!

Guess what we're doing
next week?

Camology Quotes:
Using your manners has always been a staple in our household.  Cam is a trooper when it comes to remembering polite words and phrases.  Sometimes, though, his genuine kindness surprises even his parents.  When Jane was busy in the kitchen one evening, Cam asked:
"Would you be so kind as to stop what you're doing and help me?"

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