Sunday, April 8, 2018

Playdates & Playmates - Week of Apr. 2nd

"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours." ~Mark Twain 

The first week of April is typically spring break for Cam.  Jane and Chris tend to try to take vacation from work during the summer months so our family has not typically traveled during this time.  Lucky for Cam, Miss Amanda had the week off from her student teaching and was house-sitting as well.
Each day of break, Cam and Amanda ventured a few miles to the house where she was caring for pets.  It seems the animals took a real liking to Cam.  Priscilla Pigsley, the guinea pig, has the same coloring as our cat, Stella.  However, we all agreed that our feline family member may not have taken a liking to the rodent.
Roxie, the dog, however decided he was definitely going home with Cam.  Besides their pet adventures, Amanda and Cam made it to the library, Spoonlickers, and physical therapy.

On Friday, we were so happy Liam could come over for a visit and to play.  Cam and Liam have been friends since preschool, attend Meadow Brook together and both hope to have a future in law enforcement.  After some crazy pretend banking transactions, these two couldn't stop laughing.

Saturday turned out to be another playdate when Auntie Jo and buddy Will arrived for lunch.  After a delicious meal of Chick-Fil-A, the boys settled into a movie while the moms caught up.  The two godsons exchanged Easter gifts.  Will and his mom gave Cam the Game of Life.  Will has played many times already and did a great job sharing the rules of the game with the rookies, Cam and his mom.

Sunday brought a few very special visitors...when Jane was in college, she took care of three wonderful kids, the youngest of whom was Lauren.  When Cam was born, Lauren was in high school and visited him in the hospital after school nearly every day.  We nicknamed her 'Big Sis' Lauren.  After she moved to Colorado, our visits were far and few between.  Just recently, though, she moved back to Grand Rapids and is married with a newborn of her own.  And, to top off all of that good news, her son is named Jackson!  We had the best time catching up and chatting with Lauren, Aaron and baby Jackson.  Cam is anxious to test out some babysitting skills of his own.

Camology Quotes:
Some mornings are for the birds (or turkeys, like this one in our front yard).  Once in a while, a work situation may pop up for Chris or Jane before Cam gets on the bus.  On one such morning, Chris was juggling quite a few things prior to heading to the office.  Cam always keeps things in perspective for us, especially in moments like these...

"Dad, are you ok?"
Sure, Cam.  
"I am going to make it a great day.  You make it a great day too, Dad!"

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