Sunday, February 25, 2018

Because of Cam... Week of Feb. 19th

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." ~Warren Buffett 

Connections are a constant element in our daily lives.  We've encountered so many people, things and places due specifically to our ten year old son.  We see things and experience moments differently when Cam is present.  The list of people we know and have been linked to due solely to our son is countless.  And many of these individuals are now a part of our lives for a lifetime.  When Chris and Jane mention someone or a memory, the phrase "because of Cam" is often used in conjunction.
The light poles are part of a walkway

The infinite projects Chris and his son have created together are truly centered around Cam.  Whether a ramp, the CamMobile, or a tray used for homework and crafting, each has been designed because of our son.  And the latest project, the motion activated digital photo frame, had an honorable mention after Chris posted it on the instructables website...with Cam's assistance, of course.

Jane will be inducted into the Mary Free Bed Guild next month after being invited by another member.  Once again, the connection made with MFB would not have been possible without Cam.  The Halloween For the Rest of Us project is directly attributed to Cam by way of the cool Halloween costumes created, along with novel-like Christmas cards sent out by Jane.
Tassell Park- walkway & benches
Here's a little bit about the MFB Guild: The story of the Mary Free Bed Guild begins in 1891 when a small group of women wanted to help people who couldn’t afford health care. They passed a purse and asked anyone named Mary – or anyone who knew someone named Mary – to donate a dime. It was the most common name at the time, and the donations supported the first “Mary free bed” at a local hospital. As funds grew, the women began helping people with physical disabilities. Today, the Mary Free Bed Guild governs the most comprehensive rehabilitation hospital in Michigan. The 120 women of the Guild and Junior Guild also volunteer their time serving as greeters, patient liaisons, hospitality-cart providers and hostesses at monthly meals for patients and their families. Most importantly, the Guild is the keeper of the nurturing culture of restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.

This weekend, we toured the flood waters around our area to see the effects of melting snow and an abundance of rain.  The overflowing rivers and lakes are akin to our lives and the amazing people who are a part of it.

Camology Quotes:
Since Cam began working for Grand Valley State University with their graduate PT students, his W-2 for wages earned has always been in his mom's name.  For 2017, our son, age 10, received his first formal W-2 in his name.  We truly thought it was in Jane's name until closer inspection.  Cam asked to have the entire situation explained to him.

Why do I have a form?
You actually did the work for Grand Valley and this year, it is in your name. 
Do I have to pay taxes?
We're not certain.  We need to research this.
Well, I do not know how to do taxes. Who will do my taxes?
If you need to do them, Cam, we will definitely help you.
Ok, let's do them now.  I need to get them done!

*Update: After an extensive five-minutes of research, Cam was not required to file taxes since he did not earn a large sum of money.  He did, however, insist that his parents check and double-check to be certain he wouldn't get in trouble.

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