Sunday, January 14, 2018

School is Cool - Week of Jan. 8th

Ms. Kathy & her buddy
“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything."~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Everyone remembers certain teachers...the ones that didn't let you give up, or embraced a quirky personality trait, or simply inspired you.
Even though Cam is only in fourth grade, he has been incredibly fortunate to have such strong educators and supporters in his preschool and grade school.  They also go above and beyond to be certain Cam can have the same experiences as his classmates.

Jane was thinking over break that there must be an easier way to protect Cam's feet during winter recess other than taking extra time to put on bulky boots.  After some creative Amazon searching, we came across "Dry Steppers" made of a thick plastic to go over shoes.  For $10, we thought it was a bargain if they didn't work as well as expected.  Ms. Kathy is always up for a challenge (just like Cam) and gave a thumbs up after the first snowy outing at school.

At Meadow Brook Elementary, Cam participates in a Unified Champion School LINK program.
LINK is about creating connections within a diverse group of students and ensuring that all students are acknowledged for what makes them different and what makes them and all of us the same.  What a beautiful concept that should be embraced every day in our society!
On certain Fridays at Cam's school, he has lunch with other kids in the program and they play bocce ball.  A ramp was made for our son so he can fully participate.  Every year, there is a different theme.  This year, it's superheroes.
On the back of the shirt, it reads:

With this definition in mind, please make it a point to be a hero everyday!

Camology Quotes:
Ms. Kathy has been working with Cam using voice-typing.  This allows Cam to speak the words and then a program "types" it onto the computer.  Cam and his teacher practice saying it first, then he says it to have the program type it. 

"I love school. I enjoy inclusion time. My teacher is Ms. Kemperman and Ms. Meyer. I learn science. I am learning about energy." 

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