Sunday, January 28, 2018

Moving Pictures - Week of Jan. 22nd

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." ~Dorothea Lange

We have discovered over the last 10 years that taking pictures is a part of our weekly tasks.

Sometimes, we're so wrapped up in a moment we forget and other times, the photos tell the story.
Chris and Cam worked through the holiday break and beyond to create a homemade extra large electronic frame for our family. The boys said it was Jane's late Christmas gift, but it's truly for everyone.
Of course, Cam's dad had to take it a few steps beyond what you'd buy online or in a store.  He and his son added a motion sensor and led lights that change color at alternating times.  To make it incredibly easy for uploading, it is connected via our wireless network to Amazon photos where we can choose to add and remove the pictures at any time.  Not only does each picture stay on the screen for about 5 seconds, but led lights around the frame create a soft hue that changes as well.  Cam likes the fact that when he drives by, the motion sensor "sees" him and turns on the frame.

Since Jane ended up with a cancelled flight last week and an extra night away from home, we decided this weekend would be dedicated for family time.  We snuggled together for movie night as Cam's parents introduced him to one of their favorite classics, "Back to the Future."

From movies to moving, we received this cool video from Cam's teacher showing us how our son is on the move at school! (and getting "hot" in the process)

A new family activity was to formulate meal prepping together.  Chris has been diligently creating his food plan every weekend for each upcoming week.  Cam and his mom decided they wanted in on the action as well.  Upon completion, we had enough meals for all of us to cover the weekday feasts and lunch for the next weekend.
On Sunday evening, we shared a delicious meal with the Raisch fam when they arrived with homemade beef stew and homemade bread.  Cam announced "We need this on our favorite meals list.  I love this stew!"

Camology Quotes:
During the weekend, Cam saw his mom sneaking a few pieces of licorice for a snack.
"Mom, we are eating healthy!  Well, how about you only have a little unhealthy stuff on the weekend."

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