Sunday, December 3, 2017

Warm Temps, Warmer Hearts - Week of Nov. 27th

“When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.” ~Wonder, by RJ Palacio

Whether enjoying time with friends at school, at home, or someone else's house, it's never a dull moment in a week with Cam.
At school, a delicious recipe made with his class looks like a pretty healthy snack with tasty fruit on top of toast.

The mild temps continued and made for a bright weekend.  On Friday evening, Cam had his first bought of insomnia, waking up around 1am and never really getting back into a deep sleep.  It may have been comical had it happened in someone else's home.  Every 30 minutes or so, Cam asked "Is it time yet?" or "Is it morning now?"  We all finally gave up resting around 6am.

That didn't stop us from having a productive day, however, and in the late afternoon, we were so happy to have a visit from Katherine and her son Bexley, along with Katherine's mom, Ms. Ann.  Cam and Ann had a delightful conversation on the couch catching up on things.
Bexley was fascinated with the big ceiling fan in the living room.  Cam wanted his buddy Bex to have his chair and tray he had grown out of.
Our ten-year-old was feeling pretty sleepy until Bexley proceeded to provide lots of entertainment by showing Cam how he could get "stuck" in the blue chair by sitting on one of his legs.  Bexley and Cam even enjoyed an early dinner together and we were thankful for the visit to keep us all engaged and make it through the evening.

Sunday's sunshine took us to the big lake at Oma and Opa's.  We decided it may be the last time to trek on the beach before the snow descends.
The landscape is ever-changing at the cottage and an interesting looking piece of driftwood had landed on our beach.  Chris and Cam had to attempt a drive over the big log.
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe stopped by and even though the sun was warm, it was quite windy on the beach.
Cam hid behind some large brush trying to stay camouflaged while we all looked for him.
Oma and Opa treated us to a homemade casserole and Oma's famous sour cream cinnamon coffee cake.  After a bit of playtime, we headed to Muskegon for a last-minute photo shoot for Christmas pictures.

Sunday evening we always appreciate our time with the Raisch family sharing our dinner together.
Emma set up a game of Uno with Cam and they played until our meal was ready.

A lifetime friendship between these two reminds us that the special friends we meet along the way help us appreciate the journey.

Camology Quotes:

Cam and Amanda were able to take a walk on Friday since it was a half day at school.  It was a beautiful afternoon as the shining sun kept these two smiling.  After Amanda took this picture and showed it to Cam, he remarked:

"We are glowing.  We look like angels."

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