Sunday, December 24, 2017

Traditional Tidings - Week of Dec. 18th

Outside of 2017 Christmas card
Inside of 2017 Christmas card
"At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience." ~Unknown

As the fast-forward button continued to race towards Christmas, we progressed through our list of checking things off. 

Amanda and Cam exchanged their gifts on Friday since she wasn't going to be with us on Christmas day.  It seems these two know each other quite well.  You see, without realizing it, each of them had made a duplicate gift independently and without awareness.  Amanda made Cam a "tie blanket" with Lightning McQueen.  Cam made a similar blanket (with his dad's help) featuring hearts on one side and animals on the other ("because I know you like hearts and animals, Ms. Amanda!")  They giggled for quite some time about their gift-giving, mind reading skills and then proceeded to snuggle up in their respective blankets to see just how cozy they were.

On Saturday, Jane and Cam headed out to Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery since it was the last day they would be open for the season.  Ms. Pat works at Heidi's and we met her close to eight years ago.  She loves seeing Cam and always tells him to pick out a sweet treat just from her.  Not only did he have a donut to take home, but he also was given a reindeer headband to wear.  Cam looked at Ms. Pat exclaiming "you made my day!" and her happy tears began.  We will miss seeing her until they open again in May, but we stocked up on goodies and were thankful to be driving in the sunshine.
Upon our return home, Emma popped over for the annual gingerbread house build.  This year, though, Jane found a chocolate train for the two friends to put together and decorate.  As a bonus, Cam snacked on some chocolate decorations while Emma chose the colored candy decor for a treat.  The train along with its chocolate cars looked very festive when completed.

Sunday was Christmas Eve and Oma and Opa arrived in the early afternoon.  Our annual tradition includes attending the Christmas Eve Thornapple church service at 4pm with the Raisch family.  Even though Cam isn't wearing a smile in this pic, he looks so forward to attending every year.  He now tries to sing along with the carols and listens to the message.
Immediately following church, we gathered at the Raisch household for delicious homemade chicken noodle soup and the best homemade bread.  With full bellies, we still all squeezed in a few hand crafted Christmas cookies to top off our meal.  Cam and Emma exchanged gifts and Cam commented that Emma "made his day" when he opened the "Cars3" movie from her.

The most memorable part of the evening, though, was an unexpected surprise.  While chatting in the living room, a knock on the door produced some members of the church youth group to sing for us.  They began with Rudolph and ended with Silent Night.  Cam couldn't believe it!  He also loved the jacket and lighted cap adorned by one of the guys.

When someone "makes Cam's day" it isn't an embellished comment.  For Cam it's a true commentary of how a moment, an event makes him feel.  Being surrounded by our special friends, Patti & Steve, Anna, Sarah, Megan, Emma along with Oma and Opa, the Weatherford fam of Chris, Jane and Cam most definitely felt like the evening of fellowship truly and collectively, made their day.

Camology Quotes:

Cam had school right up through Dec. 22nd of this week.  His teacher, Ms. Kathy sent an email to Jane on Friday after Cam was on the bus with her favorite 'Cam moment of the day'...

"A great day by the way... At the end of the day, Cam said about the upcoming break-  "have fun, but don't have too much fun without me!"

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