Sunday, December 10, 2017

MFB Holiday Party - Week of Dec. 4th

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." 
"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup." ~ Elf, the movie

Cam's Elf on the Shelf appeared again and our son's favorite morning activity is an investigation of where the Elf may be.  Apparently, he also likes peanut butter and bananas for breakfast too.

When the calendar turns to December the events begin to appear.  On Friday, Cam was anticipating his first holiday gathering of the season: Dr. Swanson's Christmas Party.

Dr. Swanson began this festivity years ago by hosting the celebration with Santa every December.  Even though he passed away last year, the tradition continues.
Swanson had a long association with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, where he was a member of the medical staff, served three terms totaling eight years as chief of staff and treated patients for more than 50 years. Swanson hosted an annual Christmas party for young patients, dressing like a cowboy to entertain the children. “Dr. Swanson’s Christmas Party” continues today; more than 300 current and former patients and their families enjoy gathering for the festivities and gifts.

Cam wanted to arrive in time to eat pizza at the party.  After a delicious slice, everyone gathered in the lobby to hear a singing group who engaged the kids and adults during the songs.  A 'snowball fight' broke out with white loofah sponges, a bubble machine produced 'snow' and bells provided to all enabled a lively rendition of 'Jingle Bells.' 
It was fun to see many friends and therapists.  April pictured with Cam has been in the MFB Halloween for the Rest of Us parade for two years now.  She and her mom, Kathy, have become such sweet friends of our family.  The Balloon Man was also at the party creating different animals for the kids.  Cam requested a giraffe and received a monkey balloon as a bonus.  After seeing Santa, each child is allowed to pick a wrapped gift from Santa's workshop area.  Upon arriving home, Cam opened his gift- a wooden board game with marbled stones called Mancala.  It's a game of strategy where you attempt to collect more stones than your opponent.  Our thankful boy wanted to write a note immediately.  His parents finally convinced him to wait at least a day.
Saturday evening was the holiday party for FTC&H where Chris works.  He and Jane dressed up and had a nice evening out.  They couldn't wait to show Cam one of the eating options displayed- different types of candied bacon hung by clothespins!

Stella getting into the
holiday spirit!
Camology Quotes:

Cam and his parents were discussing the purchase of an extra pair of snowpants to keep at school.  Chris wondered why this was necessary.

"Dad, I need to go on the swings.  I mean c'mon...who doesn't like to play on the swings?!"

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