Sunday, October 15, 2017

Start Your Engines - Week of Oct. 9th

Weatherford family...start your engines!

The dawn of a new day is full of promise and expectation.
We knew this week would be one filled with expected events and lasting effects.

At school, Cam's class attended a special arts festival at Forest Hills Eastern High School where each student is paired with an upper classman.  The younger students spent all morning and lunchtime at Eastern H.S.  Outdoor games and indoor activities wore these kids out.
A decorated pumpkin arrived home in our fourth-grader's backpack.

Miss Amanda asked Cam early in the week if he would be next to her for an event on Friday evening.  Cam told Amanda it would "be my honor" - (somewhere he has heard that phrase and most respectfully, used it in context.)

Grand Rapids South Christian High School and the South Christian Football Community hosted their “Purple-Out” football fundraiser Friday, October 13, 2017 to raise awareness for cancer research at Van Andel Institute (VAI). The event featured a varsity football game between South Christian and Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg. Both football communities asked that you come out to enjoy the game, balloon release, and other activities to honor those in your lives who have been affected by cancer.  Purple shirts could be purchased prior the event.

Since Amanda's mom passed away a few years ago from cancer, a cheerleader wore a purple shirt with Pam Kleinheksel printed on the back and Amanda was asked to stand next to her in memory of her mom.  Cam said he felt proud and very special to be next to Amanda during this event.  When they released all of the balloons in honor of those lost to cancer, Cam declared, "Wow, that's cool!"  Amanda's mom gave her the middle name of "Joy" and we cannot think of a more fitting description of what she brought to our family.

The commencement of work for our 2nd Annual Halloween For the Rest of Us project officially began on Friday.  Five building days are scheduled.  Mary Free Bed put together the short video of what took place over the first two days on Friday and Saturday.

Camology Quotes:

Engines are revving in the garage, but not from any of the Weatherford vehicles.  
Cam and his dad have been working on the Halloween costume this year....Lightning McQueen from "Cars."  

In between all of the construction, we had an appointment at Mary Free Bed to review some new equipment for Cam.   The experts were presenting many choices, ranging from color, size and even different types.  After choosing many things, Cam finally declared.

"You need to ask my Mom and Dad.  They are the parents and they make the decisions."

To which the physical therapist replied "Cam, would you please talk to my children!"

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