Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pressing Forward - Week of Oct. 16th

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~Walt Disney 

Cam's inquisitive mind seems to be on overdrive some days.  His line of questioning when trying to understand something will, at times stump even his parents.
On Wednesday in the early evening, we were invited to partake in the old-fashioned art of cider production.  Our friends, the Flegels, know the Flannigan family who live on a farm not far from our home.  Cam and Jane made their way there not knowing what to expect.
The cider press itself is over 100 years old and looks quite different from the one featured in a Curious George cartoon we've seen.  Mr. Paul Flannigan explained the entire process step by step.  And the whole procedure from start to finish is serious manual labor.  The apples are poured into the "chopper" area where they are chopped into bits as a manual crank is turned.  The juicy bits are deposited into a barrel lined with a special burlap sack.  Then the sack is moved forward to sit in another barrel.  A very heavy press is then cranked downward to smash the bits into the delicious juicy cider.  After it's collected in a container, it is then strained into jugs.  Not only did Mr. Paul and his wife give us a full gallon of cider to take home, but they all gave us a whole bucket full of delicious apples...not to mention, an education in the art of cider making.

The end of the week brought another 2 days of costume building at Mary Free Bed.

On Saturday, Ms. Amanda stayed with Cam and they both wanted to volunteer for costume-building.  Cam timed it perfectly indicating to Ms. Amanda, "We should get there about an hour before lunch."  It was a Wellerwood reunion as these 4 preschool buddies lined up for a picture.  Just like when they were little, it seems darn near impossible for Cam, Mackenzie, Carson and Liam to look at the camera at the same time. 
Some friends, kids and moms included, create a bond that will be there for life.

Camology Quotes:

At school, Cam's PT is always working with him to try out new equipment.  This bike fits him well.  Ms. Michelle sent the pictures in email and Jane showed them to Cam.

"Mom, I would like to have that bike at home."
"Looks like you ride it well.  You know, though, you can't ride a bike inside the house."
"Mom, I know.  At school, they have a gym, silly."

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