Sunday, January 8, 2017

In With The New - Week of Jan. 2nd

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. ~Helen Keller 
"It could be worse"...became our motto for this week.
On Tuesday, Jane headed to the dentist after discovering a minor chip in a crown over the holidays.  She was told she needed a root canal and then a new crown.  Wednesday afternoon, Amanda and Cam took a spill together on the floor and Cam chipped out some pieces of his front teeth and Amanda endured a nasty bruised arm.  Both of the troopers survived and Cam, the brave boy, didn't shed one tear.  An emergency dental appointment the next morning provided good news for our son. No nerve damage and some temporary bonding with a permanent fix set up for the following week.
Aside from our family keeping the dental community employed, Cam's bathroom renovation began!  The task list: widen bathroom and Cam's bedroom doors, modify existing cabinetry for Cam's powerchair to fit under sink, remove existing bathtub and replace with walk-in shower, remove wallpaper, new paint and light fixtures.
Within our "could be worse" motto, ants were found under the floor joists when the tub was removed on Monday, so an exterminator came to visit on Tuesday.  With a complete dousing, the insects were eliminated and work could commence the following day.
Of course, Cam was more than happy to partake in a portion of the work effort.  He helped to remove wallpaper, supervised the mirror removal and sanded down the cabinet trim for painting.

A favorite Christmas present included a game called Pizza Math.  Patti enjoyed learning about this card play while Cam delighted in winning multiple sessions.

We had a nice visit from Auntie Jo on Sunday afternoon.
Good distractions and good friends are always high on our list after a long week!

Camology Quotes:

We are so thankful Cam's teacher, Ms. Kathy, sends funny emails like the one below.  After Cam's emergency dental appointment, he insisted on going right to school.  The following happened that same day....

Cam was being obstinate in the bathroom this afternoon and refused to turn the water on to wash his hands. He double dog dared me to email you about it...of course I always accept a challenge.  I am sure you will discipline him appropriately.
He evidently found his energy again.  His word for the day is "obstinate" and he wanted to know if it meant to be naughty.  :-)  Love this kid!

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