Sunday, January 15, 2017

Don't Give Up - Week of Jan. 9th

"Never, never, never give up." ~ Winston Churchill

In our home recently, whenever Chris or Jane seem to be struggling with a project or task, Cam will say "don't give up!"  It's such a powerful statement in three little words.  Somehow they mean the world coming from a boy who sometimes seems to have wisdom far beyond his years.

At school, Cam was designated as an extra helper for the week with turning on and off lights and shutting doors.  He takes these tasks very seriously.  Of course, his teacher, Ms. Kathy, injects fun into education and a recess outing found Cam and friends in the snowbank!

The weekend brought an outing to meet up with Auntie Jo and Will to celebrate a very belated Christmas.  We dined at Buffalo Wild Wings and exchanged sweet gifts.  Cam's favorite- his own personal edition of Uno.  A teaching game of colors, numbers, rules, win and loss but also just great entertainment!

Oma and Opa arrived Sunday afternoon to hang out with us.  As with most Sunday evenings, we shared a delicious meal with the Raisch fam.  This week's offering- homemade personalized pizza crafted by Patti and Cam and supervised by Oma.  Breadsticks and salad accompanied the meal along with fresh pineapple.  Cam is quite convinced that a pizza meal isn't complete unless cheesy bread is sitting alongside of it.

Spending quality time with Oma and Opa is a high priority for their grandson.  Baking tasty banana bread and playing multiple games, including Uno were the highlights.  Much of the banana bread was sectioned off for the construction crew, per a very thankful Cam.

As the workers finished up this week, our helper boy continued to supervise his dad handling the finishing touches as the bathroom remodel project heads toward the finish line.

Camology Quotes:

Two snow days in one week- quite unusual and unexpected.  With a scramble to reschedule work meetings and call in the cavalry, Cam and his mom had some extra time together.

Every time our home phone rings, Cam implores for it to be answered.  We have explained the art of telemarketing to him and the reasoning behind his parents not picking up every phone call.
When the caller id appeared on a snow day and a local number was shown, Jane answered on speaker phone so Cam could hear too.  A recorded voice said "Someone from your home called about a knee brace or knee pain.  To hear more, please press 1."  Jane promptly hung up and explained to her puzzled son that it was a telemarketing call.  As they moved along to something else,
Cam suddenly exclaimed, "Mom, it wasn't me!  I do not even use the phone."

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