Sunday, November 13, 2016

Leaving Fall Behind - Week of Nov. 7th

"Each moment of the year has its own beauty" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We've had the mildest of autumn seasons in Michigan.  Although there has been some colder days, by and large, the need for a winter coat hasn't surfaced yet.
Chris and his son were busy raking leaves into the woods, which is a definite bonus versus the tedious task of bagging.  Cam's ingenious dad figured out a way to situate the leaf blower on Cam's chair so as he drove forward the leaves would blow towards Chris' rake.  The team effort paid off and the duo cleared all of the fallen foliage in the back yard.

Cam's swimming lessons started up again with a slight change.  This fall he is taking solo lessons with Ms. Laura at the new Mary Free Bed therapy pool.  The setting is quiet and the pool is very warm.  Cam, our routine schedule boy, had many questions for his swim teacher including, but not limited to, the following:  "what happens if you are late?  what do you do if you get here early?  how do you get here?  which way do you take to get home?  how many lessons do you teach in a day?"  Amidst all of the questions, there was still time for instruction.  Cam's favorite activity is using the floating weights, allowing him to kick his legs while holding onto the bar.
Of course, there is always time for a few giggles before the end of the lesson!

One of our favorite weekend activities was seeing Mr. Ken, Amanda's grandpa, (a.k.a. "Papa") at a rehab facility following knee replacement surgery.  He was so excited to see Cam.  We brought pictures from the Halloween parade which Ken proudly displayed.  He thinks it's pretty cool that Cam likes to call him Papa, just like Amanda.

And our Ms. Amanda introduced Cam to a guinea pig for the very first time.  This pet belonged to a friend of hers and has such an auspicious name... "Priscilla Pigsley" who has all of the same colors as Cam's cat, Stella.  Cam was quite certain, though, that Priscilla and Stella may not get along too well.

Will & Cam
Camology Quotes:

Buddy Will and Auntie Jo joined us for dinner Saturday night.  We unsuccessfully tried to pass off sweet and sour chicken as chicken nuggets.

Mom:  Do you think you and Will are going to be friends forever?
"Yes, Mom!  Those were not really chicken nuggets.  I did not think so either  :-).

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