Sunday, July 3, 2016

S is for Swimming, Schooling, Siestas & Socializing - Week of June 27th

SuperNannies!  Amanda & Michelle :)
Every time someone says any letter is for... as in "C is for Cam" the classic show, Sesame Street comes to mind.  Even though Cam has outgrown his Elmo phase, determining the letters that make up words, putting them together and learning to read is high on our summer agenda.  To that end, our academic boy was anxious to head back to school to attend summer session three mornings a week.

We had our first summer dinner picnic siesta at the Cascade Park where a new playground was dedicated.  Chris volunteered 10 hours of hard labor with our community to assist in the new construction.  The new play area is very accessible with ramps and a rubberized ground.  We see many trips in the future to our local park, a 5 minute car ride from home.
Ms. Laura completed her final swimming lesson with Cam this week at the Mary Free Bed YMCA.  She loves working with him and he's come a long way with back floating, relaxation techniques and working his arms and legs in the pool.

Gearing up for the holiday weekend, Michelle took Cam over to the local library for powerchair/bicycle decorating in preparation for the big parade.  They provided all of the materials and Cam's chair ended up with rocket boosters in the back and lots of red, white and blue!

The summer bus driver, Mr. Chris, gave each of the kids a treat bag as well as an American flag and hat to celebrate Independence Day.  And Cam's dad looks quite festive sporting both!

Mr. Chris & Cam
On Friday evening, Auntie Karen drove in from Chicago to attend a surprise early birthday outing for Chris, which Jane had set up at Dave & Buster's.  The small, adult-only gathering celebrated the coolest guy Jane and Cam know!

Saturday morning, our crew headed north to spend the day on the beach.  Auntie Jo and Will met us there and we all hit the sand with Oma.

It was a sunny day with calm waters and our inflatable kayak was ready for Lake Michigan once again.  Multiple trips were taken in the little boat.  Although the big lake itself wasn't quite warm enough for leisurely swimming, it felt refreshing to cool off by wading.  Or, if you're Chris and Cam, "wading" means the Cam-Mobile rolls into the water at top speed where Chris catches it, or catches it as Cam dunks into the water.  Thankfully, this boy enjoys getting wet, even if it is a bit chilly!

Camology Quotes:
Cam has been actively helping Chris with various building projects in the garage.  One evening, they ran into some issues and were trying to come up with some solutions.
Cam was driving around in his powerchair making a clucking noise.

Dad asked, "Cam, why are you making a clucking noise?"
"I do this when I am trying to think of an idea.  It helps me think!"

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