Sunday, January 10, 2016

Make a Deal - Week of Jan. 4th

For some, routine is monotonous.  Cam likes a routine because there is a purpose, a time frame, a plan.  Even though routine makes him happy, it's still tough to get back into the mode of waking up early and heading to school.  It was a week of earlier bedtimes with sleepy eyes at the end of the day.

With the weekend finally upon us, we were happy to be invited to Anna's birthday celebration with her family.  While meal preparation continued, Cam thoroughly delighted in his first official game of charades.  Emma did a great job acting out clues and Cam guessed almost every single one by himself!  There were a few times when the laughter had to subside before the guess could be made.

The two buddies also played forts over the weekend, one of their favorites.  With the chilly temps, indoor fun was on the agenda.

Of course, snack time inside of the forts is always a requirement.

Part of Cam's evening routine is to "make a deal" with his parents.  His deal always includes the following parameters...
"Sleep all night"
"Use your manners- please, thank you and excuse me"
"Be kind"
"Be nice"
"Be awesome"

Try making a deal with yourself tonight.  Cam won't mind if you use his list!

Cam-ology Quotes:
On a day of football playoffs...

"Mom, should I watch football?" 
"Do you want to watch football?"
"It will make Dad happy." 
"Dad is happy without you watching football.  You don't have to watch it."
"O.k.  I will watch my kid show.  It is better for me."

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